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Site Updates

04/17/2019: I don't know what I'm going to do with this site. the following updates were made today: - adding page links to home.html - the birth of this page (happy birthday!) -

06/19/2019: did a secret project in the background on here. this is like my little workshop

08/10/2019: trying to clean up this mess. started another project in the background.

09/17/2019: redid the site yesterday. big changes to the main page. haven't added a navbar yet, so no one can find this. Added fancy text to the main page. added placeholder navbar.

09/18/2019: fixing stylesheets. crying in social class hbu? edited not found page.

09/23/2019: adding pages. doing stuff

10/07/2019: considering changing the site background. writing a social essay. everytime i use one of karl marx's favourite words i feel oh so smart

01/24/2020: happy 2020! a new decade huh... anyways I'm changing a bunch of css, deleting pages. added poetry page. listening to taking back sunday.

01/25/2020: added poetry to the poetry page.... lol

01/30/2020: deleted some pages, edited the about me page, added a page to store graphics i like and display stickers and blinkies i find funny

07/22/2020: lots of major changes aesthetically, along with remaking the graphics page, deleting pages

07/23/2020: added navbars to most pages, added mutuals' site buttons, made my own site button!

07/30/2020: minor edits, worked on stardew valley page. started the music page, adding playlists :3, added cool site image

07/31/2020: fixed a few things

09/27/2020: working behind the scenes on some anime character pages, will make them available soon lol

10/05/2020: added a lot of pages, mainly in anime characters. Added some nav bars

10/20/2020: I awoke to lots of snow outside. Last night and today I worked on adding some pages about death note, which can be found on the anime/games page.

10/21/2020: Blizzard outside. 10 days till halloween. Anyways I've been adding some stuuf, adding some pages.

10/25/2020: Kaiba's birthday. Made a page "Library" Links to various reading materials

10/29/2020: I've been working on the site quite frequently lately, so I'm only gonna list major updates from this entry forward. Edited the "music zone"Please take a look.

11/02/2020: changed how this page looks and added apersonal journal lol

11/15/2020: Added pictures of my collection to the Tamagotchi Page. Added a music zone page dedicated to the Pokemon Christmas Bash album.

12/03/2020: Eventually there will probably be a huge amount of naruto content on this site, as I am a big fan of the franchise and I'd love some place to ramble about it. These will be the things that I'd love to ramble to my friends about for hours, not that they wouldn't let me, just that it hasn't come up in conversation. Anyways, you might see me working on those pages secretly on the background, before I find the time to make a proper shrine.

12/09/2020: Worked on a bunch of things and made a guestbook, which is linked on the main page.

12/21/2020: added some pages, worked on the site nav page, added cool graphics to places, having fun