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Hey all, Beck here! Welcome to my personal website, shadowthehedgehog dot neocities dot org, started C. May 2018. Currently I am: Playing: Animal Crossing New Horizons. Watching Tokyo Mew Mew New. Listening to drain gang.


last update: September 17th, 2022

Update log:

09/16/2022: new journal entry, new pages listed on the Anime and Games page (but they are fanpages for webseries and not anime and games). Site banner for fall.

08/18/2022: New design, new design for art page + photography page, new journal entry, new outgoing links, Random minor edits here and there

07/28/2022: New design, Updated tamagotchi page, new reviews on the anime review page, Room tour page, My Little Pony Collection, added categories on the art page, God page

06/09/2022: slowly leaving the hiatus, be patient with updates. Added lots of new outgoingLinks, uploaded a comic I made, new pages on the vocaloid page, popin' cookin', page about Bodyline items.

05/15/2022: the site enters it's first official hiatus, for more information, see my journal update page.

04/14/2022: New short anime reviews, MOOCs page added, Litchi Hikari Club page created. New fun stuff all around.

04/05/2022: "hanami" page, journal entry, updated creative toolbox page.

04/04/2022: fixed the site nav the other day, should be easier to find things now. New pages: Vocaloid, Youtube mixes, Winter 2022 anime reviews

04/01/2022: added a page about an animal crossing new leaf glitch, and no, it is not a prank.

03/09/2022: Article about some Yu-gi-oh episodes, new journal entry, a hate page for fictional characters

02/19/2022: Best Naruto Fights, New journal entry, AKB48 page.

02/11/2022: New page talking about fashion "core and kei"

02/10/2022: New art on the art page + a page about art supplies and stuff I use.

02/03/2022: Moved older site updates to the according page. Moved the location of several webpages.

01/12/2022: Happy New Year! The site now has a new theme

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