My brain does this weird thing where it mashes together scott the woz's Why don't you play them? and the Millionaires' Alcohol.


The same songs

Anyways, my head hurts. Trying to install itunes onto the imac g3 whilst waiting for 2 phone calls (which will come first?).


I want to do nothing, so I'll try my best to do nothing. Despite saying that, I'm planning to work on AMVs, art, and game design document for the visual novel I am making. Been thinking about mp3 players a bit. I have an ipod shuffle, but I think I would find more enjoyment with a UI. I have a second generation (? I think) ipod touch, maybe I'll start using it for music. I prefer streaming, most of the time, so that is the reason for my lack of ipod preference. I tend to use the ipods more for the aux in vehicles on road trips or if I'm going for a walk, but as winter comes into full force, these usages won't be commmon (ipod will freeze in my pocket lol). That being said, maybe I'll add more music to my ipods, later. The disc drive in this laptop is broken, which has me pretty bummed. My dad had backed up the original ipod libraries we had from 2006 on discs, and I want to explore them. Maybe I'll fire up the imac g3? Disc drive works in that, at least.


Woah. The month is almost over, the year is almost over. Thinking about the kids around the internet treating neocities a social media platform rather than just webhosting, not sure how to feel about it. A lot has happened this month, I guess we're in the era of twitter collapse. My twitter feed has become noticeably more quiet than usual, and all I see are posts about the world cup and the newest Pokemon release (lots of thoughts on that, btw). I think I have a lot to write about, maybe I'll post on the gemlog, I'll have to find a post for those posts on here too. I don't think I understand blogging all that well. I got a cat :^) he hasn't completely adapted to his surroundings yet.

I found this video inspirational, in a way, it opened my eyes to how my room looks. It doesn't look bad, just doesn't look good either. I want a new desk and then a bookshelf to fit the stuff that is on my desk (My current desk has a bookshelf attached).


Life is exhausting, but I hope to have some updates on the site today. Winter has arrived here, and last night, in the cold, I found some kittens. I was able to grab one to bring it inside, but the other one ran off. Despite my best efforts, it did not survive the night.


Added another article to my gem log. Been sick this past week, but I'm starting to recover. Had plans I had to miss out on this last weekend, but this weekend I for sure won't have my plans ruined. Another open house to go to, but I plan to actually attend this school, and then halloween plans with friends. I decided on a halloween costume, this morning, going to be a vampire. I need to get fangs, a cape, and then maybe something to make a romance-esque top, but I might just wear a suit, who knows. Gonna white facepaint my face, fake blood, etc. Will be fun. My hair is horrendous, I need to cut it, but maybe I'll keep the length for my vampire costume then cut it, we'll see.


Went to a university open house yesterday, was exhausting, and I've never felt more out of place. I did NOT "see myself there". Was interesting though, as someone who lives in a very rural area, I've never been to such a rich looking place in my life, I need to get out more..
A while back I was planning on making a page dedicated to 2009-2013 nostalgia, the kind of turn of the decade, rise of the smartphone stuff. I made a collage for it, images from a time where smartphones were just becoming popular.


Going to consume endless amounts of anime (more than I already have been), goodbye productive life. I'll try not to neglect my online courses too much. Today's journal entry was going to be a preliminary review of Renai Flops, an anime from this season, but I have decided instead to make an entire article, over on the anime reviews page,featuring my first impressions for this season's anime. Expect that page to be up sometime later today/tomorrow. Watching the new game ova right now, catching up on ovas I never watched for some reason, now I want to go skiing. The other day I started a gemini capsule of sorts, which can be viewed, as a gemini page, here or through a proxy here. I'll try to post on it often, a personal blog of sorts, but it won't replace this one here, don't worry. Gemini is fun, new, and excites me, so hopefully I can have some fun with it. Next new journal page, I want to add deviantart journal elements, the "listening to, reading, drinking, watching" stuff that was on deviantart blog posts, back in the day.


One day, I'll learn semantic html, having trouble figuring out how to style it. Thanksgiving is this weekend and monday, in Canada. Doing some celebrations today with the side of family that I've never done thanksgiving with, could make things interesting. Been depressed these past few days, tired, no motivation, boredom, loneliness, isolation. I hope I feel better soon and get to see friends soon. I haven't seen friends for over a month, so I'm a little dry on the socialization.
Yesterday, I tried playing osu!, convinced it's what spiralled me into an extreme depressive state, last night. The game isn't fun, it isn't even because of the difficulty, it doesn't feel worth it to learn and gain the skills, theres no appeal to learn the game. Doesn't help that when you launch the game it's just anime loli art, doesn't make me feel like I'm going to have a fun time playing, does the complete opposite, actually. The lack of a tutorial is what ails me, but I understand the ease of just opening osu! and playing, for those who enjoy osu!.


What is the "cooler" way to format dates? MM/DD/YY vs DD/MM/YY ? I'm not sure which is the one the cool kids use...
Anyways, I have to get bloodwork done tomorrow, which makes me stressed out, it'll be the second time I get bloodwork done in my life. It'll be okay. Made an Azumanga Daioh AMV today, see below:


After last entry's mention of social media, I have been attempting to post more, and I have been on twitter and instagram. I also enjoy Friendproject and Mastodon(I use the donphan.social instance). Yesterday, I had a busy day, bought some things, except I didn't find a halloween costume. Ate a bubble waffle.


Social media. Do I want to share my life with the world? With my friends? With my "mutuals"? I pretty much exclusive post my life shenanigans on a private instagram account that 10 or so of my friends follow. Trying to figure out whether or not I should post more about my life on twitter. I guess, I've always just tweeted thoughts about stuff unrelated to my life. Maybe I'll try to post stuff on my main instagram's story, but there's something weird about sharing what I made for supper to acquaintances or people from highschool. Also blogging, I want to try blogging, but I don't understand it fully, I guess. What's the point? I'll attempt micro-blogging, for now, but I'd much rather just write about stuff on here. The way to navigate this site is horrendous. The "Other pages" page tries to remedy this by having an almost complete list of webpages on this domain. Everything except the super secret pages, lol. But, isn't this, in itself, a type of blog?


Weird day. Read this article a while back and thought it was interesting.


It's been a while, again. I promise I don't want updates to get scarce, I've been busy, I guess. Living life, doing online courses. I've been doing The Odin Project, so don't be surprised if I somehow become a master of web development lol. Been chronicling my experience with it over at my mastodon profile. Made a proper blog post over at my friendproject blog. I wonder if I should start blogging there, here, or elsewhere?

Berserk, Volume 30Attack on Titan, Chapter 139

Wishes about someone else...


Updating site day, woohoo. A lot has happened this month, notably I went to an anime convention and had a great time seeing my friends. Thankfully, I didn't get sick as a result of the gathering, which is extra lucky, considering I usually catch the conflu. I had a great time and took a lot of pictures of the itasha, which I'll share on the photography page, added today. I cosplayed Keiichi Maebara, one person recognized this, the rest of the days were spent with people yelling "GET IN THE ROBOT!!!" at me.
That's enough con stuff, aside from all that, I've been kinda tired, but have created some cool things. Made a transformers AMV dedicated to a friend lol, I want to make more AMVs, and get serious about it too. I gotta link my AMV channel on my about page. Here's a video I did on my main channel. Enjoying a really good video right now, Dissecting the manosphere - F.D Signifier. My back hurts.

I like the song this is referencing

Ah summer, in this heat I'm reminded of a few things: haruhi suzumiya endless eight, higurashi no naku koro ni, cicadas in animal crossing. Lots of stuff to add to the website today, so maybe check back tomorrow. I'm gonna update more frequently starting now, and probably update this journal/log too. Maybe it will simply become a blog. I need a new way to arrange the pages I've made, even though I have that page with all the page links, doesn't feel like enough, whatever. I'm watching a lot of airing anime this season. Ah the new yokufashi no uta episode has a doki doki literature club reference.


I have a tendancy to spend way too much time working on my website in a day, so maybe I'll give myself a weeks break after this. Added a lot of stuff, notably my comic and popin cookin pages. Life has been weird, time feels like it has reset, I'm going to try and spend my time working on this site and a game I have planned, also I'll look into some schooling, might as well eventually go to college or something. i'll get my medical affairs worked out too, so right now the to do list for life is: work on game, work on site, research post-secondary stuff, medical stuff.


Just a quick update, I'm not sure when I'll update again, but maybe sometime soon, I have lots of stuff to put on the site so it is kind of daunting. The 31st was my birthday, yay me. It would be difficult to explain everything I've been up to, but the good part is that I am okay, and I feel like things will be okay.

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