I have a tendancy to spend way too much time working on my website in a day, so maybe I'll give myself a weeks break after this. Added a lot of stuff, notably my comic and popin cookin pages. Life has been weird, time feels like it has reset, I'm going to try and spend my time working on this site and a game I have planned, also I'll look into some schooling, might as well eventually go to college or something. i'll get my medical affairs worked out too, so right now the to do list for life is: work on game, work on site, research post-secondary stuff, medical stuff.


Just a quick update, I'm not sure when I'll update again, but maybe sometime soon, I have lots of stuff to put on the site so it is kind of daunting. The 31st was my birthday, yay me. It would be difficult to explain everything I've been up to, but the good part is that I am okay, and I feel like things will be okay.

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