August... wow.. Life feels kinda weird right now, but when I really try, I can focus on things I'm looking forward to in the near future. I've been playing the sims a lot lately. Having fun. I accidentally trimmed my hair way too short the other day, so now I am facing the consequences. Should take 2-3 months to grow it all back aghhhh. It was the best I've had my hair in my life I swear... Oh well. Hopefully when it grows back I won't take it for granted. Times can be bleak and it feels rough when there's no one to be there for you. Watched a lot of anime today, seasonal stuff, daily lives of highschool boys, lucky star... fun times. I really liked the new episode of Bokutachi No Remake. I highly recommend the show if you like those types of romantic comedies, there's some really good moments in it. I'm gonna try and make the rest of this day fun. byeee


Hello! I was away for a bit, went camping in the mountains. I took a lot of pretty photos, which I got to posting to my instagram, so maybe I should share them here... not today though :P sorry lmao. I've been doing pretty alright lately. I'd love to update the site, but no motivation right now, also I've been quite busy for the first time in over a year lmfaoo. some really important things I have to do tomorrow, please wish the best for me haha. I wanna do some fun things, but no motivation to do much haha. Side note, weird to see people trying to get CRT tvs nowadays. Y'all got rid of yours?? and have been using something else... damn.... anyways see ya


I wanna cook, but it's way too hot. We've been in another heat wave. Hottest summer of my life. Also want to get some more books, but alas, I am broke lol. one day.... Having fun starting doing anime reviews for this site. Really fun so far and I should quickly make that hub page, or just link the one page I have so far. Yeah. I'll do that. Gotta look for better images I use for these journal entries lmao.


Hello~ Currently fixing the issue with graphics on my account, the ones that are hosted from glitter-graphics. I've figured out how to fix the problem, so I should be done fixing it all up soon lol sorry for any inconvienience! Why am I using glitter-graphics you ask? Because I like fun. Anyways, been having a life lately, cool cool swag. Epic victory for italy yesterday :thumbs up:


Hello! I decided to make a new layout for this journal for the next half of this year. Sure has been a year so far. Recently, I've been trying to stay alive in this heat wave. It's definitely the first time in my life that I've experienced temperatures this high. No one here has an air conditioning in their homes, so it has been quite dangerous and miserable, but the heat wave seems it is starting to subside, although the now lower temperatures are still too hot for me. Now that the heat wave is ending, I can start doing things again, rather than just laying around. Later today I might try and clean my room and go through things a la marie kondo. As for this website, I am a bit busy and miserable from heat, so I haven't been planning on doing much. I should definitely do those anime reviews....

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