Yesterday, my father passed away. The worst part isn't the sadness, but rather the feeling of horror of it all. It feels like never-ending horror. Without my dad introducing me to the internet, and for being my father, I would not be able to be talking to you all as I am now. My dad was one of the coolest people this planet has ever had, if not the coolest. He had very passionate hobbies, most notable in the field of amateur astronomy. Last night was the lunar eclipse, so I went out with my mother and sister to see it and the most magical thing occurred. Just as totality was ending, two lines showed up in my vision, and the focussed into one line that would stream across the sky incredibly slowly. It was a shooting star, that crossed the sky slowly for over a minute before burning up. I have never seen anything like it, much less next to a lunar eclipse. As it burnt up, stardust sparked off from the trail, appearing to slowly fall down. It looked like glitter lining the sky, something you only see in a drawing or something, but not real-life, and yet here it was. The appearance of it was like firework. I'd like to think all of it was my dad's doing.

Anyways! I, understandably so (I think), am going to take a break from updating the site for a while. I have a lot of fun stuff planned, but not the best time for me to do it. Take care of yourselves! For my neocities neighbours, I wish you the best and am excited to look at site updates when I get back! Everyone, take care.

- Beck. H.


I spent an outrageous amount of my time yesterday working on my friendproject profile. I've been using that site actively since 2017 and it's been kinda fun. My personal life has been a bit rocky, lately. Lot's of heavy stuff to deal with, but I'm trying my best. I drew a picture of Big the cat (sonic the hedgehog) the other day for that twitter trend where people have been drawing sonic character's going into various mall stores, a trend started by the original drawing by @Amasc0met on twitter. Here's one of the drawings of Big I did to put over a picture of build a bear.

I think it looks alright.

The other day on this site I did a review for litchi hikari club, and alluded to strange manga I have read in the past that will stick with me forever. Coincidentally, Fox, at Cadnomori, wrote a review for Asuka Hybrid which was the exact manga I had in mind, when referring to strange manga on my litchi hikari club review. I just thought it was interesting that a manga I hadn't read in such a long time, that I had remembered, and then would be reminded of when seeing this review on Cadnomori. Idk just thought it was interesting haha.


I have an unhealthy deeply personal attachment to Servant of Evil. Yesterday, I made a lot of things.

What could this be?

I made a playstation logo for one of my PS2s that was missing it. I did this by measuring the dimensions of the space for the playstation logo, and then cutting a tiny piece of paper down by measuring and cutting precisely. Painted it with acrylic paints, the off-colour effect is purposeful. I sharpied in the black spaces, then adhered it with sticky tack (fun tack, blue tack, yknow). as I didn't have anything else that would work lol. It looks kinda rough, but Looks good from far away. Fun little project.

My next project was decorating these two bags I had, that were given out at urban outfitters, years ago. I sewed dragon ball patch, from a shirt, onto the blue bag. Painted a white acrylic base on the black bag and drew two azumanga daioh strips on it. I put a few buttons on the bags, but I'm not 100% keen on them yet. Hopefully these bags will be useful for shopping at the stores that no longer give out bags, and for carrying stuff I buy at cons, when I start going to those again.


I haven't been doing the greatest, but here is my web update. Lots of new stuff on the site today. I have some ideas for customization, and I'm actively trying to think of new ways to link to my many pages, idk about the anime review hub page and the anime hub page. Having trouble trying to figure out how to organize those specific sections. I have way too many pages, probably.


Just saw someone's site which had an entire article dedicated to "preserving the English language", as I am interested in linguistics, I read it, only to see the entire article was just an excuse to rant against the usage of "they/them/theirs" as singular pronouns. Of course, they proceeded to use "they" as a singular pronoun.
Overwhelmed by all the incredible neocities sites, gonna add a bunch of site buttons to my cool links page, hopefully one day I fix that page, haha. The best youtube comment sections are those under music. Donkey kong osts with emotional commenters, 2005 emo songs filled with comments about "This takes me back. back in 2007 I went on car rides with my friend ____..." It's a beautiful world out here, on the world wide web. I really want to buy a camera. I had some as a young lad, but they all died in unfortunate accidents. Hopefully I get one soon. I miss the higurashi manga that I read in elementary school, and wish to own them. It was mainly the eye-opening arc, cotton drifting arc, and atonement arc. My favourite characters as a young child were Rena and Shion, and I guess I still have a soft-spot for them. Wish the manga was still purchasable.

Made a nightcore version of riders on the storm, from the nfsu2 soundtrack.

Just seemed like the right thing to do. Down on the farm, by Guns N roses, has this part that sounds like shellos' cry from pokemon.


Happy St. Patrick's day! On tuesday, I passed out on a downtown city street, thankfully it was a very very quiet road, and I was not alone. I have never fainted before. I do not do well with needles and such, bad panic attacks, but I didn't expect to faint on a road from having bloodwork done. Anyways, I'm alright, and had a good time hanging out with friends. I wish it were spring, but I feel like I'm in a rush, there is still heaps of snow outside. Soon, it will be spring, time for spring cleaning.


How loud does the shirley kwan have to be to drown out the noise? Life has been something else, recently, but today I feel fine. Watched When Marnie was There. Petted the neghbour's cat. Wish I had the power to clean up my browser bookmarks. I'll stop complaining and just do it. Emailed myself these images and they were classified as spam.

Some images from my desk.


A lot is happening in the world, be sure to take care of each other.
Lots of thoughts lately. The welcome to the nhk soundtrack sounds vaguely like the railroad tycoon soundtrack, found this out when spotify began to play the welcome to the nhk soundtrack. A miniso with no we bear bears merch counts as a liminal space. Disheartened that the final fantasy crystal chronicles echoes of time soundtrack is not on spotfiy. I like this song, amongst others.
I like sending cake cutting videos to my friend, usually the realistic object looking ones, and this one reminded me of this official art.


2/22/22, sucha special date. A lot is happening in the world today. Made a comic, that is too personally to share here I think (lol sorry), but I liked it. I want to compliment people more.


Witnessed Korone Inugami complete Banjo Kazooie. I used to have white light lightbulbs in my room, but for the past 3 months I've had yellow. I hate how it makes everything look, hurts my eyes. Watched boy meets world clips on youtube and reminisced on some things and felt sad. Right now, I am having fun adding stuff to this site. Wonder if I should put some work into not becoming a NEET again.


Having a normal day on neocities. I look really good from select angles.


Bring back windows movie maker in it's full glory. I need some of the effects that are lacking from this subpar current windows movie maker. Been thinking about "core" and "kei" (lovecore, fairycore, clowncore (whatever the kids are up to these days) and vkei, fairykei, morikei), but I'll continue this on another webpage entirely. I need to make my site more easy to navigate, even though I have a page that links almost all the site pages (except secret secret ones), I'd like a hubpage for my general writings as well, and not just one for anime and gaming shrines. I have a busy month up ahead, and while their are very stressful things, I'm excited in general.
This image is how I found out how human reproduction occurs.


That Nintendo direct was awesome. I'm excited for Klonoa and Wii Sports 2. Procrastinating writing an essay by working on random stuff on here. Also, my website is not Nintendo 3DS web browser friendly. Today is leg day, yay. I emailed a nurse late last night, and she's yet to get back to me, I'm not sure if she checks her email so I may have to call her tomorrow. Gonna add some art to my art page, and maybe someday, fix how that page looks. I also want to brief on what art materials I use to create things, in general.


It has been a rather relaxing week, I haven't been up to much. Done lots of reading and watching the Olympics. Lots of winter sports feel much more dangerous than the summer ones, or maybe I am forgetting something. Someone from where I live is playing on the women's hockey team, small world.


A lot of things have happened in the past week, many firsts in my life. Despite feeling horribly mentally, I think if I can find the energy to try, I'll be okay, in the longrun. A lot of things are happening, and I don't know what they are, so maybe I need to pay attention more. I cut my hair too short the other day, but my friends, friend's mom, and my new therapist (??? I don't know what therapy is), all commented on it, saying it looked good, unprompted, so maybe even though I hate my hair, it may be good hair, at least. I need to try harder, even though I'm already trying my hardest.


What the fuck is with all these career lists stating "webmaster" as a career. What the hell does that even mean? Do I have a career and not know it? I guess maybe someone in this world might be a legendary professional webmaster, and for my ignorance, I apologize.


I may never understand the kids who are into Gacha Life, simply not my generation, but then I must remember that this is the type of thing I was into as a kid.

The nostalgia...


I've updated the appearance of this page again. Been feeling down lately still, but had a really good conversation with someone I haven't talked to in person in 6+ years. Was good to just message back and forth for hours, I stayed up quite late as a result. Right now, I'm attempting to edit my twitch streams together using windows movie maker. It is not going well. I need to buy a new water bottle, the mold in mine is bonded to the steel.


Haha I should change the appearance of this page, the joke has worn out. Been feeling quite awful lately, but that's unimportant, I suppose. Dreamt last night that I had a dream and made it into a story which I texted to friends, all in that dream, so I woke up and wrote quite a bit of the story, as I remembered, and intend to finish it sometime. Not sure what to do with the things I write, maybe I should put them on this site? Trying to organize my desk.


I've been slacking on working on this site, but welcome to the New year! I think I'm gonna move the old journal pages to a folder, but the links are all good and unbroken, as of today. Merry Christmas! (if you celebrate it today :) ).

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