This page was created for me to explain how I create the things I do. Information on art supplies, software, and hardware I use will be shown here. Also! I'm looking for recommendations for things, preferrably affordable options. What I'm searching for can be found further in the categories below, but generally it includes art software, video editing software, markers/pens/pencils for colouring, etc.



I use these type of hilroy noteboks for pretty much anything, creative writing, ideas, ideals, budgetting, planning, to-do lists, etc. They're just the ones you can pick up from anywhere they sell notebooks, for around 30cents-$1 (I would recommend getting them for no more than 50 cents though(this size, of course)). For school work of sorts, which I'm currently a bit retired from, until I decide what I'm doing, I use these composition books, sometimes they come in different designs, but I tend to get this kind, usually in black, but I've been experimenting with the other colours. I get them from the dollar store, but I've seen walmart has them for cheaper


Where I usually draw. I got this as a gift for my birthday, 3 years ago. Just a simple sketchbook.

Art Supplies

Scribble... Scribble...

Stuff I use to draw. I often steer away from colouring traditional art, due to my lack of desirable materials. Suggestions appreciated and wanted.

!! Suggestions wanted. Nice semi-fine markers for colouring traditional art.

Software & Hardware

Inchworm Animation + DSi

With my interest in flipnote studio as a kid, I went to the DSi shop and bought this "Inchworm Animation" for 500 DSi Shop Points ($5). Sometimes, when exporting files, it corrupts, leading me to have to "piece together" the art on my computer, after exporting in parts. It exports image files as .bmp files and animation into .swf (I believe, it's been a while). The software is available on the 3DS shop, and also curiously has a "sequel" called something like "Butterfly Animation, inchworm animation 2".

IPhone SE (2020)

It forever pains me, the way Apple named this phone "SE", just like one of their previous phones. Anyways, this is what I take pictures on, and what I used to take the pictures displayed on this page. I wish I had a camera that was not my phone. Of course, I take pictures on occasion with my older phones, my DS systems, etc., but this is my main squeeze.

!! Suggestions wanted. Looking for recommendations on nice cameras to just take simple pictures, and also that I can record youtube videos with.

I use this to edit a handful of things, site graphics, putting together my corrupted art, youtube thumbnails, funny images, etc. Useful.

Windows movie maker, related struggles, and miscellaneous tools

In recent times, I really have been using windows movie maker to edit youtube videos, when I'm not using iMovie to simply piece together clips. I need a good editing software that allows me to overlay elements, and do cool greenscreen effects. Preferably a free software, with no watermark, I haven't been able to find one yet.
I use the notes app in my phone, google docs, and microsoft word to write stuff, ideas and creative writing alike. I'll continue rambling here some other time...

!! Suggestions wanted. Need a simple art software, already looking into buying the GAOMON s620 (Art tablet). Need a video editing software, with more features than windows movie maker and imovie, I need something that I can use to create video in by adding images, text, elements, etc. and that I can use with greenscreen effects. Preferably it's easy to use and also has options for controlling audio on par with iMovie, or better. Looking for software to twitch stream with. Streamlabs? OBS? I don't know what is going on. I'll probably just use streamlabs with bandicam (I hate windows).

Any suggestions or criticisms can be directed here or by contacting me otherwise (twitter). Have a nice day!