Animal Crossing April Fool's Text Glitch

It may be April first, but no tricks here, well, except for the tricks my 3ds has played on me. Gonna talk about a minor glitch in Animal crossing new leaf.
This article was going to be more thorough and more in depth, but it appears I didn’t take a screenshot of the occurrence? Site will be updated further if I reencounter this glitch someday. Background: On April 1st, New leaf has an event where Blanca comes to town to pull pranks on the villagers. Blanca appears in a villagers house, disguises herself as a clone of them, and only you are left to decipher. Read more about the event here.
Upon revealing the imposter, Blanca talks a bit about “Oh no! How did you figure it out?”. During this brief segment of Blanca as herself, before she leaves your villager’s home, a glitch can appear, where the text denoting who’s speaking does not change from the previous segment, leading to Blanca’s speech appearing to come from “Bob”, “Angus”, “Marina”, or whoever it may be that she last “was".

Please enjoy this graphic I made in attempt to explain the glitch, and I further apologize for misplacing the screenshots.