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Hello! this page holds rambles about naruto things that aren't huge pages dedicated to main character details or whatever. Spoilers abound, so beware.

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 - "The Message"

Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 - "The Message"

If you're somehow reading this, uhh theres spoilers for naruto in here and this is part of my larger attempt to make a naruto shrine, except I have a lot of things to say about naruto and I could talk forever on the subject so here I am emotionally rambling about the last episode of naruto

As I am typing this, I assure you I am bawling my eyes out. After the great ninja war, it's time for Naruto and Hinata to get married. Everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village is deciding what to get the couple as a wedding gift. Konohamaru decides his gift is going to be a video log of everyones' best wishes to Hinata and Naruto, mostly Naruto though, I guess. Everyone says eloquent things in their part of the video tape, often refelecting the role they've had in Naruto's life up to this point. Iruka says a pretty bland basic best wishes message and after seeing the others' messages he doubts his message and contemplates whether or not his message should be better, and whether or not it reflects his role in Naruto's life, hence the title of the episode "The Message". Iruka begins to question what even is his role in Naruto's life. Should he send the best wishes in the role of his old ninja academy sensei? Just from teacher to student? Or is it something else? Iruka ponders this throughout the episode, looking back on times spent with Naruto, flashing back to times where he acknowledged Naruto as Naruto.

Iruka keeps avoiding Konohamaru, as he hasn't thought of the message he wants to redo yet. One night, while making supper and pondering what to say to naruto, Naruto appears at Iruka's house, where iruka has just messed up his supper. Iruka gets angry at naruto for not being with his soon to be wife and instead being at iruka's, so he takes naruto outside to knock some sense into him and go to hinata's to apologize for naruto's upbringing. Naruto explains taht he can't say what he wanted to say to Iruka if Hinsta is there Iruka angry that NAruto seemingly just wants to mess around, Naruto's inability to convey his intent in a serious matter, Iruka snaps and starts to storm off. Naruto then exclaims that he "has a request".

"Will you attend the ceremony as my father?"

Iruka chokes up, accepts, and goes to ichiraku ramen to eat. The next morning, Iruka comes across Hinata and discusses such request with her. She explains that it seems naruto didn't just want to view Iruka as just a teacher, revealing that Iruka and Naruto were pondering the same thing. Hinata requests Iruka to continue supporting Naruto, and refers to Iruka as "Father". Iruka offers to pay some money to go towards the reception fees, Hinata declines, and Iruka agrees with her, but wishes he could've done something "fatherly". Hinata tells Iruka that his expression is the same as one her father makes.

We see a clip of iruka refilming the best wishes with konohamaru, and then the video film rolls...

The wedding reception has started and it becomes time for the ceremony, with Hinata and Naruto thinking about their lost loved ones, while Hinata's dad approves of the wedding.

Character rambles

Rambles about certain character arcs, episodes, minor characters, or just random opinions.

In Defense of Sakura, and in Appreciation

In Defense of Sakura, and in Appreciation

Okay listen, I love Naruto just as much as everyone else, but it's female characters are often time week in comparison to the male characters. Not that they're badly written female chracters, it's just that in terms of Naruto, the characters are written Extremely well, except for a majority of the female characters unfortunately. I'm not gonna be talking about that whole situation, instead I'm gonna be discussing the persistent Sakura Haruno hate throughout the decades. Sakura is an incredibly hated character, often called useless, a common joke and meme within the Naruto fanbase and the entire realm of anime as a whole. While Sakura does appear to do less than Sasuke and Naruto, her good pals in Team 7, she isn't as "useless" as other characters. I'd argue she plays a much huger role than Hinata, however amongst Sakura haters, they claim Hinata isn't "useless"? Kinda confusing, since Hinata's power is "Oh Naruto....". Haha no hate on Hinata I love her and all, but within the realm of people constantly pitting the two anime characters together, it's kinda confusing, but I guess most hate usually is. It all boils down to sexism usually in these internet debates. Can't believe the same "I HATE SAKURA" discussions are unfolding in 2020, similar to the same ones I saw in 2008.... All of this aside, I still can't wholeheartedly say "Yeah I love Sakura, she's a great character", not because she's "useless" or something stupid, but rather because of seemingly one of the only valid reasons to dislike Sakura. Yeah she grew as a person since that scene, but I'm sure that scene still hurts people.

In episode 3, this whole plotline where Naruto ties up Sasuke so he can pretend to be sasuke by transforming into him, just so he can talk to Sakura blah blah blah ends up with the real Sasuke appearing in front of Sakura, saying his famous line "Where's Naruto?". Sakura replies to this by insulting Naruto so she can call Sasuke better, she does this by... Insulting Naruto for being an orphan... Kinda terirble of her to do y'know considering Naruto and Sasuke are both orphans.

Yeah so this is a reasonable reason to dislike Sakura probably... Anyways.. She grows past this significantly as a character, she still feels guilty for the harsh words she said to Naruto and Sasuke back in the day, and she no longer appears to call orphans stupid. She's no longer ignorant about lots of other things as she was. She can be annoying at times, but at the end of the day she's still a lovable character.

Shiino and Kiba During The End of Naruto Shippuden

Shiino and Kiba During The End of Naruto Shippuden

Spoiler warning as usual. When I finish these Naruto pages, I'll have to add specific spoiler warnings, but in general just assume rampant spoilers in all of these pages lol. Anyways, first I should brief on who Shiino and Kiba are (as I haven't made cool profile pages).

Shiino is this silent guy, who later in the series becomes the butt of a "everyone forgets about me" joke, but I sdon't personally think he's forgettable, my mom remembers him as the "bug guy", and she only knows two characters: Naruto and Bug guy, so I'd consider him notable, especially for his whole insect thing he's got going on. Shiino Aburame stores bugs in his body, I won't get into more detail than that because it tends to bother people. It's super cool and stuff that he uses these bugs to his advantage and it's very badass, but it's also very not fun to watch at times.

Kiba is a dog boy or something I guess. Kiba Inuzuka, of the Inuzuka Clan, which specializes in having canine companions and preforming ninjustu with them. His companion is Akamaru, a cute little dog, who then becomes a cute big dog. He can't talk, unlike kakashi's many nindogs, but Akamaru is still a strong companion. Kiba is a good friend of Shiino, as they are in the same team, along with Hinata and Kurenai.

Kiba dreams of becoming Hokage, and is known to have a crush on Hinata. His friend, Naruto, then actually becomes the Hokage and marries Hinata, while Kiba marries some cat girl shoehorned in at the end of shippuden. Poor Kiba. As for Shiino, he suddenly has a shoehorned in dream of becoming an elementary school teacher, which he does, and it's good that at least doing this the kids recognize him for being cool with his bug techniques, however it still feels awkwardly placed at the end. Everyone else in the series seems to have their dreams come true by the end of Naruto. Naruto becomes Hokage, Sakura marries a certain someone, Sasuke kills a certain someone, Rock Lee is recognized as a good ninja without the use of ninjutsu and genjutsu, etc. It's just sad that not only did Kiba get prevented from achieveing his dreams, he got some weird ending forced in, as did Shiino. So here is an "F" in the chat for Kiba and Shiino.

Naruto's Father Figures

Naruto's Father Figures

Gee, Naruto, how come you get four fathers? Happy fathers day! I thought I'd write a short ramble about Naruto's father figures. Orphaned by his biological father, who died just after Naruto's birth, Naruto has an array of stand in father figures, although that isn't to say Naruto has no relation whatsoever with his biological father. Minato Namikaze, who was the Fourth Hokage, is Naruto's biological father, which Naruto finds out when somehow he's able to see his father through this chakra shit? Idk, anyways, as the son of the Fourth Hokage, Naruto is allowed to live in an apartment building and is supported by the current Hokage at the time, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Upon entering the ninja academy, Naruto meets Iruka, who would be his school teacher, and also the first person to acknowledge Naruto as Naruto, rather than the tailed beast dwelling inside him. I go over in more depth about Iruka's relationship to Naruto when I wrote about the last episode, but basically Naruto ultimately views Iruka as his father in the end, over anyone else, making him more of a father than just a father-figure (does this make sense?). While Kakashi and Jiraiya, Naruto's other mentors, may just ultimately be, in the eyes of Naruto at the end, just teachers, there's no denying the fact they acted as father figures to Naruto at certain parts in the story. There's no wonder why all these characters hold a seemingly close place to fans of the series.
Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! and here's to appreciating Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Minato, for raising our favourite hero of the Village Hidden in the Leaf, Naruto Uzumaki.


About Onbu

Quick Facts
Species: Onbaa
Episode: 185
Relations: Naruto(caregiver), Onbu's Mother, Tsunade,

Time to write a fun page about Onbu! It's not a typo--I'll be talking about Onbu, a cute filler character, not the Anbu, although I should write a page on them soon. Anyways, who is this cute ass mf...

Onbu is a character who is the main focal point in episode 185 of Naruto. Onbu is a fuzzy, brown, round, creature, a baby Onbaa to be exact, who attaches to Naruto, mistaking him for it's mother. Tsunade talks about childhood searches for the legendary creature, often failing to believe it exists, now shocked to see Naruto found it, and that Jiraiya was right after all these years. Naruto takes the responsibility of taking care of this creature, until it's eventual return to it's mother at the end of the episode.

A cute image of Naruto and Onbu
Naruto with an more grown Onbu

Thanks for reading this little thing about Onbu, bye for now!