What ported/remastered game, announced in the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, are you?

Ever wondered what February 2023 Nintendo direct announced port/remaster you are? No? Well why not find out anyways?

I plan on making more quizzes like this in the future, look forward to more obscure quizzes and less obscure ones. Please feel free to share your results with friends and also utilize the picture results to save and share around your own spots on the web, linking back is appreciated.

Credit Spacefem (now archive only)for the tutorials on how to make a quiz.

What time do you wake up naturally (without alarm or someone else waking you up)?

6-7 AM

8 AM

9-10 AM

Well, it takes me a while to get out of bed... but I get up at a good time

2-4 PM hahah...

I'm nocturnal.

Which of these would you order at a restaurant

Chicken club sandwich


I'm only focussed on what today's dessert special is, and I hope it's ice cream or chocolate cake. I order something simple; chicken tenders, fries, salad, grilled cheese, the daily soup, whatever the standard is.

Also pizza, but in a cool way

The only vegetarian item on the menu, I guess I'll have to settle for it

A rice bowl

Which of these games are your favourite?

Fire emblem

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Stardew Valley

Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku

The World Ends with you

Final Fantasy 7

You meet up on the playground with your friends, during recess, you...

Wait by the door for recess to end, much to the dismay of your restless friends

Start up a game of football/soccer

Use the swingset

Walk around the schoolyard discussing things with friends

Bring out the trading cards or handheld gaming console I snuck into school

Pretend to be animals/creatures

Favourite colour?







New chat service just dropped, it's time to move on from discord, it shall die like skype, kik, aol, etc. What's your new handle?


Just my name


Something with a reference to a game I'm playing currently, that I definitely won't regret in the future.

A pseudonym I've always used online, or a name of a fictional character I like.

Iambecomedeath64, ___isnotonfire, something like that