A MOOC, Massive open online course, is an online course aimed at open participation in it on the web. Basically, just an online course. You can read more about MOOCs here, here, and here. This page is going to host my brief reviews on various MOOCs I've completed. I first discovered MOOCs sometime around 2019, when people mentioned !1!!free harvard courses, it peaked my interest, but I would not go onto doing any until 2021. A majority of MOOCs I have taken have been through EdX.There are benefits to taking some of these online courses, as opposed to watching youtube videos or documentaries on these topics, as most manage to function how you'd expect any course to, while others you may have been better off watching a documentary, although that does not mean the information you're getting is not worth it, just might be simpler to sit on the couch and watching a documentary. A matter of preference. For example, the information divulged in the "China and Communism" course could easily be taught to you from a documentary, while "Masterpieces of World Literature" has it's strengths in a course with it's insights from the lecturers and the many sources you have to read for yourself. Both aformentioned courses are offered from HarvardX, yet differ in these ways. I hope to do more MOOCs in the future, as it is enjoyable for me. I will likely edit this page yearly, so I hope you are okay with the long wait for more recommendations and reviews.

MOOCs I have taken

The Science of Beer Rating: recommended.
Basic Japanese Civil Law Rating: not recommended, unless you really are interested in Japanese Civil law
Monozukuri: Making Things Rating: recommended, if you want to learn the philosophy of monozukuri
Masterpieces of World Literature Rating: Highly recommended, if you have the time.
The Medieval Icelandic Sagas Rating: Recommended
China and Communism Rating: Recommended, if you want to hear about maoist china.
Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe Rating: Not recommended. Don’t feel like I learnt too much.