Japanese Language Learning Resources:

This Page was originally intended to be a part of a larger guide project, but for now it is just a page of my recommended Japanese language learning resources. Enjoy.

Kids Web Japan - Where it all started for me, so I felt like including it.
Nihongo o Narau - the second resource I ever used. Good for kanji and vocab.
Jisho - A dictionary
Tofugu - a hub for resources, which has been both helpful to me in 2011 and helpful to me still in the current year
Maggie Sensei - I’ve used this for grammar
Tae Kim's grammar guide - ah yes, tae kim’s guide to japanese grammar
Sakubi Grammar Guide - grammar guide
Lusentoj's anime list - lusentoj’s anime difficulty list (language difficulty level)
Jlpt grammar list - jlpt grammar list
Jlpt study - I use this for JLPT stuff
List of Joyo Kanji - lol
Kanji by usage frequency - says it all
MLC japanese - cool quizzes here
Kanji quiz - I have this set as my page on startup, to encourage myself to actually learn kanji lmao
Nhk news web easy - read nhk news with furigana and other easy-reading features
Yahoo kids jp - kids yahoo japan, reading practice, they used to have kanji practice games on here as well
DJT guide - a how to learn japanese site, I’ve looked at this before
Itazura neko - another how to learn japanese site

Shogakukan - Shogakukan published manga site, practice your reading. Some of it is free some not
Shonen magazine - shonen magazine manga reader site, same as above, dif. Publisher
Shonen Jump Plus - shonen jump plus

Rikaikun Rikaikun - browser extension to help with kanji reading
Yomichan Yomichan - similar to rikaikun, not just for kanji

JapanesePod101 - this was probably one of the first “Pod101” youtube channels, helpful for vocab and such
JapaneseAmmoWithMisa - incredibly helpful, I use this for grammar
GameGengo - this channel’s gimmick is Japanese through games!
PuniPuniJapanese - kinda childish, but whatever
もしもしゆうすけ - Conversation

Hellotalk - Language exchange meets social media, used this for a bit, allows native speakers to help you out and vice versa, there used to be something similar to this online as a website, lang-8, but it appears it's no longer taking registrations.
Imiwa - dictionary

Notes about japanese immersion:

The reason why I recommended shoujo/shounen manga websites was for the the inclusion of furigana in manga intended for younger audiences. Furigana are small kana characters that appear over kanji to aid in the reading process, for those who may not be able to read the kanji on their own. This benefits language learners immensely.
Playing games in japanese: do it. Games like pokemon and animal crossing are kanji-free, if that spooks you.

Language learning videos to inspire:

simon roper

Rant about native speakers giving their two cents (not teachers) (under construction)

Language learning tips in general:

Journal in target language: try to write your journal (if you keep one, if not maybe start) in your target language, it will force you to learn vocab that you actually use in your day to day life.
Immersio (under construction)

May add more language resources, check back later