Animethon 2023: A con report

Inspired by Lawmune’s old con reports, here is my attempt at one, detailing my time at this year’s animethon, or as I like to call it linecon, due to it’s lengthy lines to get your pass to get into the con (The lines which I frequently like to livetweet while I’m in them). The con celebrated it’s 30th anniversary this year, being the longest, and first, anime convention running in Canada, it is quite the milestone. The tote bags they gave out were quite nice, I prefer the blue/purple one to the orange one, but was unlucky enough to get the orange one myself (my sister got the purple one, and and another friend of mine, I was quite jealous).

Day 1 (Friday) I spent an ample amount of time in the vendors hall, buying few stickers and making note of what to come back and buy on sunday. I took pictures of some of the itasha that were in the building, there were a few more than last year, I hope to see more and more, but wonder how they’ll have room for more in future years..

suisei itasha itasha itasha itasha itasha itasha itasha itasha itasha

The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out what to do. It seems there were less panels than usual, or at least less of interest, and they didn’t run anime in any panel rooms on friday, like they usually do. I spent most of my time in the AMV hall, I was there everyday. Here are some various AMVs that were shown that day, wish I could find more of these, I will probably ask the panel coordinators for links.

AMV panels I attended: 30 Years of Comedy AMVs, AMV Trailers and Intros, AMVs are Trying to Sell Us Stuff, AMVs That Ruined the Song (In a Good Way), Evangelion AMVs, Grandpa's AMV Stash, The Pre-Midnight Run: Toonami USA

I missed this one when I went to the bathroom, upon returning all 5 of my friends within the AMV hall began to quiz me asking if I knew what anime it was, of course I did, it’s Dai Mahou Touge, for those curious. I just find it funny that my friends associated it with something I would know.

This one got many cheers, it won audience pick and best comedy. I found it quite funny that everyone just started screaming each yaoi scene. Animethon needs a yaoicon mini convention it seems, more on that later.

Saturday, day 2, was, and always is, the busiest day of the con. The lack of panels was noticed, yet again, and I found myself wandering aimlessly, especially as the end of the day panels, Karaoke and the Yaoi Panel, filled up to the point that no one else could enter them, adhering to the fire code rules. Saturday was also concert day, and in addition to the lack of panels, many guests canceled, including one of the performers for that night. I still enjoyed the Ai Furuhata concert, and dropped in for a bit at the dj and edm sets.

Sunday was the final day, I wandered around, and had a fun time watching the AMV contest winners and the closing ceremonies. I bought two prints that day, Watched the non-finalists amv panel with friends, this is when the Dai Mahou Touge AMV incident occurred.

Con haul