Nintendo Eshop Shutdown

As of yesterday (March 27th, 2023), the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS EShops shutdown. While the app can still be browsed, and previously downloaded content can be redownloaded, along with update files, new purchases can no longer be made, meaning if you want to play some of the stellar eshop exclusive releases, you will have to hack your console. Personally, I rushed to buy the ace attorney DLC episodes, but am feeling sad about all the games I will never get to play, as I'm not too keen about hacking my 3DS. In my 3DS eshop wishlist, I had some fun stuff, including games from the DSi eshop, that were ported to the 3DS eshop, but are now lost to time, as well. I really wanted to play some DSi jrpgs, that I wanted since they showed up on the dsi shop, in 2011. I guess I feel melancholic. This shut down primarily impacts pokemon fans, it seems, with a bunch of pokemon goodies being digital only content.

Nintendo loves to make their older games unplayable, while also cracking down on hacking and emulating, this is what they are known for. I am hopeful that some games may get ported to the switch, but definitely not most. I hope the ace attorney games are ported. When Sony announced they were shutting down the psp/ps3 digital storefront, fans outcried against it, and sony, unlike nintendo, actually listened. Despite the security threats to PSN that the PSP/PS3 storefront caused, Sony went out of their way to fix those issues, just so the store fronts could remain open. Sony does what nintendo'nt?


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- dashlake