Bodyline is a lolita/ouji/visual kei fashion/cosplay store, based in china, with a storefront in Japan, seen here in death note!

I’ll write about real life sights in death note sometime soon…

The store is on the cheaper side for lolita, definitely the best bargain in terms of quality when it comes to the fashion. The brand has had some previous controversy, but it seems they are under new management now, good riddance, Mr. Yan! I cannot find any great resources explaining the entirety of bodyline, if you are not already familiar or even care at all, but hopefully some googling can aid you. I wish not to explain anything about bodyline, I do not even wear lolita fashion, I just find some of their pieces aesthetically pleasing and enjoy their signature colours. Although I have always been interested in egl for over a decade now (yikes, time) as some guy wearing jeans and a tee in his bedroom writing this, I’m no authority, I just want to compile these images here, okay? Hover over the image to get the item details

Lolita fashion items

Candy Fairy Heart OP Claudia Wonderland JSK Jewelry Box Yukata Op set lovely lolita op

Maid costumes

Sailor Fuku