We all know about the lofi-chill beats to study to type of videos that show up in our youtube recommendeds, well here is a list of all of my favourite videos, linked for your pleasure.

Chill study mixes

Relaxing Pokémon Music Compilation (Vol. 1)
Relaxing Pokémon Music Compilation (Vol.2)
pokemon and chill
포켓몬스터 디아루가 BGM 26곡 메들리 with 피아노 (Pokemon Diamond BGM Piano Medley 26 Songs)
【楓之谷 Background Music】1.5-Hours Maplestory BGM Compilation / music for studying or relaxing
1 HOUR OF PURE THINKING! chill/relax death note ost compilation [rainy mood]
Relaxing Gran Turismo Music

Albums/Mixes (Not necessarily chill music0

OVA「コンパイラ」主題歌 (KIDA-71) Full Mini CD-Single フル CDシングル (ダイナミック)
[2000] 高速音楽隊シャープネル - Endless Summer
[2000] Hack Material Music
Jungle Tekno 5 - The Deep Side (1994)
[2010] Old ROBLOX Soundtrack
[1996] ANAKREON - 告白
高中正義『Masayoshi Takanaka』– 虹伝説 『The Rainbow Goblins』[1981]"


Animal Crossing songs hourly-24/7. The site as a chrome extension-if you're into that Disclaimer: this is not the same animal crossing extension I have, on another computer, which is the one I prefer, but I can't find it on the store right now, sorry!