I will perhaps write extensively on it later, and I do apologize for not updating the site more, but anyways, attack on titan has ended. Ten years of my life have past. Wonderful. Really fun that I got to see it end, not that I wasn't going to, well.. Anyways, yes.
Neocities users, why does the neocities cat have a guy fawkes mask?


I need to get back into posting on hobbyist forums, that's the real "heal your wings". Truly the best thing to do on the internet, though I haven't been big on forums in years, probably a decade since I last peaked.


I'm still alive, hope everyone has been enjoying the fall so far. I have been busy.



Today was my first day of university. Has been interesting so far, I guess.


Moved out a few weeks ago, starting university this upcoming week, been busy busy. I feel bad for somewhat "abandoning" this site, but expect seasonal anime reviews to be up soon (when the season ends lol). Also it is a sad thing to look into the spam folder in your email to see your favourite old forums e-begging. Times have changed.


Fan of when people try to make something out of nothing, youtubers analyzing random shit and positing themes that aren't in that media they just want it to be, like millenials making shitty zines where it's very clear they just wanted to draw and the "themes" they try to "explore" are so forced and never executed, only as an afterthought, they like the idea of being intelligent and having something to say, but there is nothing of substance. Someone over at twitter said this is how the new barbie movie feels, and I agree. I think it's what happens here on neocities. Much focus on design, but nothing much of substance, not saying all sites on here have no substance or offer any info to the world, but a huge chunk of pages are just aesthetic-masturbation, which is fine, guilty as charged. Coding and programming have always been a means to a creative end to me, and I especially enjoy webdesign, but I do try to use this space for more than that, to interface with the information exchange of the net.

I am not saying design/art without the purpose of sharing info is useless, nor am I dunking on those who try and pretend to be interested in info exchange when it's really just about the art for them. I am just commenting. I enjoy it all, everything created, no matter how "bad" or how "good", infact, I'm pro-meaningless creation.


I intended to make a summer themed page, similar to the Hanami page, but for summer, but I didn't get to it. Oh well, maybe next year.


Been busy/having hard times/doing important things/hanging out with friends. Got an apartment. Moving later this month. Was quite a hastle finally getting an apartment. Point is, I'm alive, sorry for no updates.


Spent friday and the weekend at an anime convention. Was a good time, will write a report about it soon, and upload a vlog to youtube as well. I cosplayed Denji, Shinji, and Kintaro Oe from Golden boy. Next year, I want to volunteer to work the con, cosplay Haseo (.hack), and submit an amv to the amv contest. Haul of things I got:

animethon haul

Also, the times when I've not been using mastodon, I've been enjoying This OldTwitter extension, which mimicks the look of 2015 twitter, how nostalgic. I'm all for abandoning twitter, but my friends have been sticking around, and it's usage has been especially pertinent to me for getting information about the con I attended.


New articles over at the Gemlog mirror page, please check them out.

Went to view apartments yesterday, a lot happened, and in the end I didn't get an apartment. Going to search again next weekend. Watched the town parade today, and am now going to hang out with friends, gotta dress up in suit, we're doing something funny.


I wrote an article on the gemlog the otehr day, that has yet to make it to this site, about the whole state of the internet right now, but it has already aged like milk due to threads.net being unveiled. New articles to come, I'll publish them all here on saturday.

In other news, I worked on my sister's cosplay today (cardcaptor sakura), and did some other errands. Tomorrow, I will be viewing an apartment. Today's picture (yugioh goodbye icon) is dedicated to me saying goodbye to twitter. Enjoy this haganai screencap.


Reference to oreimo in haganai


Mmmm french bread...


So twitter is in it's final stages, huh? Sad to see it go, maybe I'll write a gemlog post about it. I think I want to consume less seasonal anime. I guess the problem is it gives me something to discuss with people who also watch seasonally, although I only know one person like that now. Down to 8 shows I'm planning on watching next season (Most are continuations). Gonna do some things today, if you're lucky, seasonal anime reviews up sometime this week.


Finally starting to heal from the cold I've had for a week. I missed plans with friends yesterday because of it. I have plans friday, so hopefully I don't have to miss out on those as well. New site theme, I tiled the background myself.


Nature is healing, welcome back smosh. The world genuinely seems a bit more brighter today because of this.


The weather has finally cooled down. Groove on fight concept art.


I should redo my "about me" page, today's update on there is just a personality quiz result. Been busy busy. Talking about underground 2 with a friend rn.


Happy 6/9, hahah! Watched summer games fest yesterday to fill the hole in my heart left by the lack of E3, my favourite event of the year, now since sent to the graveyard. Summer games fest was underwhelming, and I missed the new Yakuza/like a dragon/ryu ga gotoku trailer when I went to the bathroom. They should call the FF7 "remake" a "rebuild" instead. Been planning a trip to Japan, next year. Been busy busy.


Garage sales in town today, I got monty python's holy grail and 3 moomin mugs. We are having a garage sale too, some of my games sold. I have the urge to watch 90s anime that I've always wanted to watch. I need to watch more good shows, in general. I want to watch elemental gelade and sakura wars.


It was my birthday on the 31st. Year is busy now. Website updates occasionally. I want to write an article about idubbz, but not really about idubbz.

A youtube video about old lolita fashion websites. A fun video to watch if you're into web archival and nostalgia, like myself, or if you're into the fashion.

Gif for when I eat fudgesicle


gifed this as a reaction image to use when I'm eating nachynka.


Today marks a year since my father passed away.




Some light shopping today, spent a dollar in total.


Been up to a lot, busy month. I have to make these updates less rare, haha. Went to a concert for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. It was fun, going to another on friday. Went to a karaoke bar, with private rooms, last night, with my friends, was fun. Happy that it's finally warm enough to open the curtains in my room, to let natural light in. The curtains manage to keep out a lot of the cold draft from my windows, so I can't have them open in the winter.


Cool cool. Been up to a lot/nothing.


Been doing spring cleaning and streamed love live school idol festival, which I'll be doing again today.


I think this is super cool. Here is a somewhat amusing forum thread.


Hard to explain, but the weather outside feels like this song. Spring is coming, it's not just a rumour, winter does end.


Beware the ides of march. My stomach feels crumby and I'm going to hang out with a friend later. Stayed up writing a fun article for the site, I'll likely put it up on the weekend. I want to make some pages of the site look better, especially as I'm putting more effort into the content. Here's some links I want to share. Ever wanted to run an ISP out of your basement? - twitter thread. TV Tropes' Dueling dubs article


Cool blog posts, saved here for my own bookmarking-sake. Transferring PlayStation®2 saves from Memory Cards to PCSX2 Optimising circular avatars

Christiano messi in the anime chronicles of the going home club

Messi spotted as anime in chronicles of the going home club


This song reminds me of the railroad tycoon 2 soundtrack. Deciding whether or not I want to share thoughts on songs here, or on whatever social media (twitter, friendproject, mastodon).

Also, got new shoes today. Cheap from secondhand shop, along with adidas track jacket. Was really happy to find these because I was planning on picking up some adidas sambas, if I saved up, so felt kinda lucky.


reminds me of ace attorney/hamtaro ham hams unite


This image could not be more true, especially in the case of this website.


Sharing some classics, hope you'll enjoy


We have the same thinkpad

Thinking of setting up the telescope one of these days and taking pictures of the comet with my phone camera.


Been keeping busy busy. Doing ui/ux course during the weekdays, went through belongings and donated stuff yesterday. I have a bunch of fun ideas for the website, and for other websites aside from this one. Finally added a theme switcher to the home page, but just did it as different pages, rather than through javascript. Excited to start university in the fall, feeling a little less nervous about it. Getting out of my depressive slump, slowly. Here is a blog I made the other day, as an example wordpress site of sorts, I want to make a wix one too. Some plans for the year: doctors appointment next month, planning to go to vancouver next month, planning a roadtrip for march/april, want to volunteer for a convention in the summer, then I want to see if they'll hire me on for their website staff, move out in august, start university in september. Exciting stuff. Anyways, take a look at this, today's big news. Pretty amusing, but also equally a huge deal as it is just plain fun.


Finished my dress up darling shrine for anime of the year 2022, I'm really glad it turned out well. I need to read more blogs, both as an inspiration to my "blogging" and also so I can share cool links here. Sharing is caring. I'm getting pretty close to finished oniisama e, not sure what to watch after that, maybe finishing it will get me out of my slump and I'll be able to return to productive activities, i.e. start working on my goals for this year. Finished watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 a while ago. Hunter x Hunter 1999 > Hunter x Hunter 2011 (in my opinion).


Started watching Nagatoro-san (season 2) and Ayakashi Triangle. I'm not sure why I'm watching either. Nagatoro-san is more unbearable than I remembered, or maybe this new season is just worse. Ayakashi Triangle better give me 2013 ecchi anime nostalgia, or there is no point. All fantasy anime feels isekai dogshit tier to me nowadays, which sucks. Got bloodwork done today and I wasn't the only guy around my age there, which is unusual, I'd say. Usually, it is just old people. Gonna write about the current state of fantranslating/fansubs, from my perspective, on the gemlog. Anyways, here's a picture of my cat.


Note the date order change. Hung out with friends yesterday/last night and had a lot of fun. Very sad that there are no archives of the crunchyroll forums.


Currently baking pumpkin loaf. Happy 2023, and Христос Родився! Merry christmas, to those who celebrate today! Here is the new journal page for this year. Other things are on my mind right now, aside from new years, so I’ll chat about that some other time. Recently, I’ve been unable to do anything, I lack motivation and the ability to do so, but I have managed to spend time playing pokemon legends and animal crossing new horizons non-stop, so I’m glad my brain has the ability to do something at least, even if it’s just video games. Of course, I’m always able to keep up with working out, thankfully. I also have been playing some yakuza 0 and watching Oniisama e. Big fan of Riyoko Ikeda.

Pumpkin loaf is finished

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