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Hey all, Beck here! Welcome to my personal website, shadowthehedgehog dot neocities dot org, started C. 2019. Currently I am: Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Animal Crossing City Folk. Watching Saiki K, Higurashi. Listening to ONE HOUR OF MEDIEVAL EMINEM. site updated frequently.


last update: May 13th, 2021

Update log:

05/13/2021: Added a page for me to put random images on. Not so many images right now lol.

05/09/2021: Happy Piccolo/Goku/Mother's day! deleted "site info" page. New journal entry. Edited about page. Edited the "about me stuff" page.

04/29/2021: edited about me page. new journal entry.

03/28/2021: edited about me page, new journal entry about it, a new naruto page about a filler character

03/24/2021: new journal entry, deleted library page. added graphics here and there.

03/17/2021: Added y2k page.

03/05/2021: Added Fullmetal Alchemist page. working on cool 2000s fashion/stuff page

02/27/2021: Deleted the old update page and implemented this section instead. other minor changes everywhere on the site.

02/26/2021: I want a drop down on my index page that shows the most recent update written here. Anyways, updated journal, added neocities sites I love buttons on the links page. Finished putting "L's food log" on the site, and added more to L's page as well.

02/25/2021: Added "new" graphics to indicate the new pages on the site nav page. New Trigun page! I like how it turn out so maybe have a look haha..

02/24/2021: Tweaking a few things here and there. Working on a cool new page in the background. I want to make a page that highlights my best pages, or at least a graphic next to them on the site nav. page, along with a "new" graphic for new pages. Look out for it haha.

02/01/2021: added this cool tamagotchi guy chilling on this page. Fixing mundane things. Additions to the pokemon rival page! Wrote an entry in my journal on here.

01/28/2021: Wrote some more naruto stuff on a new naruto page, should just call it naruto log.. I have a blog called that somewhere on the web.

01/20/2021: Been a little bad at updating this page. Changes to the death note pages and music pages. New Death note character page. Gintama page added. Goro Majima page added. Worked a bit on the secret Naruto hub page. Starting to work on the gintama title card page.

01/01/2021: The first entry in this new site update log. Happy new year. Edited this page and my journal page. made new pages to hold the old versions of these pages.

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