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Happy New Year 2023! Hey all, Beck here! Welcome to my personal website, shadowthehedgehog dot neocities dot org, conceptualized May 24th, 2018. Currently I am: Playing: Animal Crossing New Horizons, Pokemon Legends. Watching chaos;child. Listening ... Reading ...


last update: January 29th, 2023

Update log:

01/29/2023: Food gallery page for food pics, changed the look of the anime review pages

01/22/2023: Updated the art pages with new art to be enjoyed, new journal entry, added Japanese language learning resources page, added Parapara page.

01/14/2023: Moved some pages, Anime of the Year 2022 page made as a shrine to My dress up darling.

01/10/2023: Changed the journal page's design, again.

01/07/2023: Happy New year! New Journal layout for the new year, Fall 2022 seasonal anime reviews
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