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Me with two Playstation 2 consoles (I have 3)




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About The Webmaster

Beck, the webmaster, is a young artist(?) who can be found lifting weights, playing video games, learning languages, and taking pictures of pastries at grocery store bakeries, in an attempt to replicate the recipe on his own. His other interests include: anime, (His MAL profile), fashion, and tech. For Christmas, he is hoping to receive wool socks. Room tour

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Interests/Favourites Interests

Anime, Manga, Video games, All that good stuff (otaku culture and stuff), cooking/baking/cake decorating, History, philosophy, Fashion (jfashion, streetwear, archivveee memes, pretty much everything), Linguistics/language learning, Drawing


Favourite food: tacos
Fave Vegetable: Steamed Broccoli
Fave Fruit: banana
Fave nut: Cashew
Fave dessert: cake
Favourite breakfast cereal: raisin bran
Favourite Young and the restless characters: Sharon, Adam
Drink: Water
Colour: purple
Flower: lilac
Animal: fox
Religious icon: Christ Pantocrator (Sinai)
Vocaloid producer: OwataP
Favourite dog breed: shih tzu

Favourite movies: Scott pilgrim vs the world, Kung fu hustle, Kamikaze girls, Doogal, Monty pythons holy grail, Emperors new groove, Hackers, Fantastic mr fox
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Stephen King
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I am emmental cheese!
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I'm a Spring Peeper!
The Spring Peeper is only .75 - 1.5 inches long, but is has a very powerful high-pitched whistle with the occasional trill that can be heard over long distances. Peepers are abundant in wooded areas in or near flooded ponds and swamps. In these ponds, the Spring Peepers will form singing choral groups, making sounds that can almost sound like jingling sleigh bells from a distance.

What kind of Frog are you?

I failed this quiz, and catfish are awesome!
I failed this quiz, and catfish are awesome.
I should visit Norway!
I should visit Norway, I guess!