Room Tour

Have you ever visited my website and found yourself wondering

hmmm... I wonder what his room looks like...

? No? Well, anyway, hello MTV and welcome to my crib:

This is what you see when you enter my room.

My shelf, to the right of my door, upon entering. It is filled with pokemon stuff, almost exclusively.

A close up of some of the contents.

Here's my desk, where I interface with the wired. If you're curious about any of the contents of these shelves, or any others, don't hesistate to ask me via email or twitter

A closer look at where my laptop resides.

Where the gaming occurs

What's down here...

Oh god... The flash makes the ugliness of my curtains really noticeable.

Where I prefer to sleep most of the time.

A closer look at where I sleep....

My room looks really empty. How do I remedy this?

I didn't bother flipping this one. Anyways, that was my room tour, hope you enjoyed. Expect more in the future, when I have a different room, of course. Also, I intend to make a room tour video before I move out of here, so expect that one day.