A gif of the super gals anime, featuring three anime girls dancing para para style

I decided I'd make a music page dedicated to sharing Parapara music and dance videos, so here it is. Para Para Is a style of synchronized dance, accompanying music, typically eurobeat. The style of dance was previously more popular, particularly in Japan's nightlife scene 80s-90s, and stronngly associated with the gyaru subculture in the 90s-2000s. The dance style is experiencing a mini-revival, due to the efforts and promotion, done by avex, to promote learning the various famous dances while stuck indoors, during the early beginnings of the 2020 pandemic lock down. They began to reupload videos of various para para dance dvds they distributed in the past. Below is a playlist featuring some, and other para para videos, titled "おうちでパラパラ / STAY HOME AND PARA PARA":

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Why not try out parapara next time you're in the mood to dance? Rather than just dance, ddr, other classics, etc.