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What is there to say about pokemon that hasn’t already been said on the internet? Instead of trying to figure that out, I’ll simply get personal with it.

I was introduced to the Pokemon franchise through word of mouth on the elementary school playground during recess, and was quickly gifted my first pokemon cards from a friend, an energy card and a lickitung. I think that’s the thing I want to focus on the most, lifelong friendships I formed because of Pokemon. I’ve seemingly always struggled with social-anxiety, along with being shy in general, but the fact that every single kid in my class had a favourite pokemon back in the day made things much easier for me. The aforementioned friend who gave me my first pokemon card is still a close friend of mine, to this day, in fact, I was chatting with her about the Pokemon Legends Arceus post-game just yesterday, and will 100% be messaging her to chat about the Pokemon presents Nintendo direct for Pokemon day (The occasion for which I’m releasing this webpage).

While the almost-too-frequent releases of the Pokemon games now keep me a slave to gamefreak’s profits now as an adult (I will buy every main game pokemon game it seems, except for scarlet/violet and DP “remakes”, and I am not alone in this, much to the delight of game freak), receiving new pokemon games became almost a christmas tradition for me. I had fun trading pokemon with my friends after returning to school, every christmas break. While I was introduced to pokemon mainly through the anime and TCG, I got to play my friend’s leafgreen and sapphire during school recess on occasion. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon diamond for the nintendo DS, I got it January 1st, 2010, after seeing the Tron movie with my family. It seems pokemon has always been there in my life, whether as just a game to play at the end of a long day, youtube videos detailing facts about the games (Tama Hero and TheJWittz, in particular), the Pokemon Adventures/Special manga and it’s various fan contents keeping me entertained since first stumbling upon the first volume, during grade 2, in the library, daydreaming in my childhood for endless hours as a form of escapism, imagining myself, mostly in the plot of pokemon adventures, fighting against team rocket, with my pokemon, of course, and lively discussions with my friends since the very beginning, up until the present day.

While the future of the Pokemon franchise has been looking a bit rocky, with the state pokemon scarlet and violet released in (hint: see “broken” with a side of unpatched memory-leak), I still hold the franchise in high regard, as I have much love for the stories, characters, memories with friends both in the past and future ones to be made, and of course, the pokemon.

I intend to add more pokemon pages to the site in the future (to do: feebas catching guide, game “reviews”, collection pictures, twitter archiving) but here are some I made in the past:

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