Yagami = I'm A Gay backwards


Welcome! this is where I'll be rambling about random shit about death note. Warning! Spoilers abound.

On the characters

Besides the series being a whole lot of fun and entertaining, I appreciate how every single one of the characters are just awful people. Light Yagami (Self-explanatory), L (Maybe he's a cool detective, but he was okay with using prisoners on death row to just sacrifice them. Also he lies a lot :pensive:), Misa (terribly rude, corrupted as hell). Don't get me wrong, I love the characters, they're entertaining as hell. Light Yagami's eventual descent into madness is entertaining to watch.

On watching/reading death note

Death note is an incredibly amusing series just from the start, hell before even watching the show the concept of the Death Note is one of the most amusing things to think about. Before even watching the show, in early elementary school, me and friends would discuss what would happen if we came across a Death Note, what we would do if we were in Light Yagami's shoes, and those thoughts continue while watching the show, "what would you do if you were in Light Yagami's shoes?" is a question I found myself occasionally asking myself. For first time viewers/readers of Death Note, there's probably some moral debate going on in their mind while watching, especially if they're young and have yet to solidify their own morals and their own idea on "good and evil". Whether you agree with Light Yagami, think he has the right idea but he's just a bit confused, or you think he's completely wrong, it's interesting to watch Light Yagami's decisions, going from a highschool boy with a warped sense of justice, to truly believing he's unscathable as god of the new world. The guy is a genius, and yet he's an awful person. I also love Death Note for it's accesiblility. As one of the most popular anime series to this day, so many people have seen this, and due to streaming services today, people are still watching it. Legally, you can watch it for free (tubi is the stream I know of). If you didn't catch it on TV in the 2000s, there's so many options to watch it. As for reading it, I recommend picking up the DEATH NOTE ALL-IN-ONE EDITION. It's a huge book with bible pages, with a cross on the front. It feels cocky to the same level of Light Yagami's cockiness, which I love. However, it is a little bit difficult to pick up and read because of the size (it's actually a little bit heavy for a book lol), but for that price for the entirety of the Death Note manga, it's worth it.

On the biblical allusions

Death Note is chocked full of biblical references, more so in the anime, as they were added in. It's really enjoyable, not from a religious perspective, but relating to Light Yagami's god complex. Imagery of Christianity works well with the themes, it's edgy :thumbs up: I enjoy the edginess of it all is what I'm saying. Also the all-in-one edition looks like a bible and that's funny.

On the second half/season of the death note anime

First off, I wanna state I'm a huge fan of the series, IN IT'S ENTIRETY, however there are many many people who lack a fondness for the the second half of the series that (SPOILERS) follows the tale of L's successors battle with Light after L's death. Why is this? I think lots of people go off about how they feel like the series lost it's direction, or went all over the place, allegedly, which I can understand that the time skip + introduction to new characters could cause this feeling. Whatever excuses these people have, whether it be thinking Near and Mello are annoying brats, Mikami is boring, or upset that Light Yagami didn't succeed (lmao), I think they should all just admit they're left with a bad taste after L's death. I don't mean to disregard the legit critics of the latter half of the series, and to be honest I'm just fooling around writing this, but it's understandable for people to be upset at L's death, as he's a largely beloved character, and I think people should be allowed to critic a series just on the notion "my favourite character died" rather than making weird ass excuses. Basically, it's not that deep, it doesn't have to be that deep, and people can like and dislike things about something without having to justify it. Also RIP L.

[More rambles to come soon]