First day of summer... Can't say I'm a fan of such a season haha. The other day, I went on a walk at midnight in the rain with a good friend (safely), it was very fun. watched kung fu hustle yesterday :thumbs_up:


If you didn't have a Sgt. Frog desktop background at least once in 2010 --are you lying? Haven't done a lot today. I have things to do again tomorrow. Soon, I want to play around with the new minecraft update with friends. Looking forward to it. I actually have plans for a minecraft page on here one day... Wrote some random stuff in my notes app for youtube videos I've been planning, no idea when I'll get around to actually making them, so for now it's just scripts. Oh! It's a friend's birthday today. I drew them a picture of their fursona dressed as Konata from lucky star, as they've cosplayed konata before. bye for now!


A week has past since my birthday. The day after I got fairly sick due to anxiety and unfortunate events, so I've spent the last week trying to relax a little to the best of my abilities. Today I've done all sorts of crazy paperwork stuff. It's a bit mentally exhausting haha, but it feels good to actually be doing something, taking control of my life and what not. Excited to do things, and eternally grateful for the cool people I have in my life. Anyways here's this:


Today is Konata Izumi's birthday (picrel). Usually, I draw a picture to commemorate such and occasion, but I haven't gotten to that this time around, so I'll settle for the other traditon, watching the episode that features her birthday, which I have on DVD, a separate DVD from the box set I have lol. Speaking of box sets, as an early birthday present, I bought myself season one of FMA 03, it arrived in the mail the other day, I have yet to watch it lol.


It was super hot for days, and now everything is covered in snow. Great weather we're having. My arm is sore, as for aforementioned reasons, which means I can't do much. I miss lifting weights, what will I do without it? Had strange dreams. I want to live in the animal crossing world.


Been a bit bored and sad lately.. Today I got vaccinated. I don't do well with needles, so it was a bit rough. Been playing lots of animal crossing still. It's been super hot the past few days, and now it is raining.


hellooo(^o^)// right now I want a bootleg famicom, and I want to know everyone's favourite ouran characters and 1000 words explanations as to why that is, mostly targeted to Kyoya lovers, because all these years I've only felt threatened thinking about him (of course no hate to kyoya fans).


Happy Piccolo/Goku/Mother's day! I haven't been doing that great lately. To spare the details, my mind is just mean to me. I've been playing animal crossing city folk a lot lately. Today the shop is being remodelled, so my inventory was filled with fish I couldn't sell, because I had to find a loach for Snake.Later in the day now... I did a lot of things today. Drew a meowth on my skateboard

I've been extra in love with meowth lately. I customized my laptop a bit, then went for a walk to find some rocks to paint.


I wish my handwriting were legible. It's annoying that I can't look back in journals and easily make out what they're saying, I can read my writing, but sometimes it requires extra effort. I've been writing my journal in Japanese, and somehow my writing in Japanese is neater, so while I initially started writing my journal in Japanese for practice purposes, it feels more practical now more than anything. I want to make more things. No ideas or plans for execution, just the desire to make things. I'm remembering a taco bell hat I saw at a garage sale years ago and I wish I would've bought it. I finished spring cleaning a few days ago. Got rid of some stuff. Going to draw later. Hopefully, I can fix my sleep schedule soon.


Recently, aside from establishing my base on the creekside, I've been doing some spring cleaning, lots and lots of cleaning. I've gotten lots of things ready for donation, and tomorrow I'm going to go through my ridiculously huge stuffed animal collection. I've been feeling pretty good these past few days. I wrapped thread around a stick I keep at my secret fort, so it could have a nice handle
I think it looks neat. I was gonna buy myself the eva tamagotchi for my birthday, but the site I was gonna buy it from no longer ships here, calling this a remote location lol, even though I've ordered from them before. I've been playing lots of animal crossing new leaf lately. I finally cuaght the golden stag last night, after all of these years of scaring them off trees.


Happy 420! My site has me feeling like when the smug animal crossing villagers in new leaf say that their home has "become a travesty". Been trying to bring that niconico dance video 2012 energy. Yesterday, I ran around the forest and creek and it was very fun. I built a bridge across a part of it lol. Some pictures I took on my adventure lol.
Image of the bridge Nice image
The weather has been really nice and warm lately, it got to 20 celsius (way too hot for me haha lol) and then a few days later it snowed... haha..


It snowed a lot yesterday. As for what I've been up to, not much. Occasinally I think of redesigning this site, in terms of the main (?) purple themed pages. I really like the design of them, I liked adding the yugioh image haha. It just feels like I'm craving change, as the rest of the site changes, and that page feels static. I'll probably just leave it, but yeah I've been thinking about it. Maybe if I made more fun purple-ish themed yugioh banners and stuff lol.


Hahah. I wish I was adding to this site more, but I've been a little bit drained. Edited my about me section, but I almost feel like not having one, because I can never talk about myself, yet I still want to have an about section. I prefer making the ones with a blurb about yourself, rather than the likes/dislikes personality/stats(lol), even though I can never write the blurbs well, but I don't think I'd be good making a basic one with likes and dislikes either. It's not that I don't know myself, it's just that I'm bad at expressing myself. Aside from that, I've been doing unwell a bit mentally and physically. I keep losing eBay auctions. There's so many cool neocities sites, I'll have to find the time to explore some more soon. I wanna read more, books are expensive, and reading online is cumbersome to me lol. I've been thinking about fashion more, if I had money, oh the things I would buy.... Seeyouspacecowboy and If I die first split album on the 30th... let's hope it's good as hell.


I played roblox with a friend yesterday and visited the world I made there when I was 9 (lol). It's just a huge map with anime jpegs and pokemon who walk around everywhere, don't forget the minecraft sheep. Everyone seems to be making secondlife pages on here and I wanna join in on the fun, but secondlife doesn't work on my laptop (it just crashed and begin to work at all). Been looking at cool stuff to buy online, lost an ebay auction for a mikuru asahina figure (mission failed, we'll get her next time)


I haven't been up to much. Tried making this scrollable, couldn't figure out how to do it without messing up other things, so I stopped trying lol. I want to create things with people. Wanna mqke visual novels and rpg maker games with friends. Looking at things on ebay lol


Last month felt long as hell and it was filled with ups and downs. The middle of this month will mark a year of me sitting alone in my house doing nothing. It's a really stange feeling knowing I haven't seen friends in so long. As everyone's life moved further, I stayed in standstill. Despite doing nothing, it isn't true that I've stayed in standstill, turns out you can do a lot at home and I've definitely changed some. Recently, I've been playing the sims 4. That's all I've been up to. I want to do a lot of things, and maybe I'm overwhelmed right now. Considering making this page have a scrollbar for these entries.


Image related, as it's year of the ox and I forgot to use this picture yet lol, also I started watching the new Fruits Basket today. The pokemon news!!! Diamond and Pearl remakes, Legends, and Snap. I went over a bunch of my thoughts on my twitter so I won't ramble here, but I'm most excited for legends lol. Finally figured out how to play the sims properly so I had lots of fun with that last night.


Been in a depressive episode I think, so I've been up to nothing. Trying to crawl myself out right now.


Had a dream where I bought used books, so I want to do that in real life now. Finished decorating that cake for Valentine's Day (Tomorrow) and helped make potato salad. Felt a bit bad yesterday, but now I'm feeling better, because I listened to blink 182 dammit in the car, immediately after getting out of bed. Listening to "Valentine Kiss" right now, festive. Happy Valentine's Day! (If there's no entry tomorrow lol)


Living life the usual boring way, but I haven't felt super bad in a while, in fact I've been feeling pretty alright since my last entry. Been spending hours on the internet, browsing niconico and pixiv mainly. Besides melting into the web, I've been reading and drawing a lot. I want to actually improve at drawing, and I hope to get better at digital art haha. The other day I made two new friends (wow!). It's very hard for me to make friends usually, so it's cool that I've made some lol. Later, I have to decorate a cake I'm making for valentines day.


Been filled with joy the last two days, in comparison to usual, although I've had nonstop bad dreams for over a week. Yesterday, I finished watching Rose of Versailles and placed number one in the duolingo diamond league (while I don't use duolingo as my primary source of language learning, #1 in the diamond league is a BIG achievement lol). Then a friend told me something really great and it feels like the impossible in life is becoming possible :) , so I've been in a good mood. Today is hourly comic day, I'm doing that. I want to play around on flipnote studio later. I'm doing well, as of right now.


Been feeling really weird lately. There have been ups and downs I suppose. I'll try and get in the groove again lol


Just remembered those old deviantart journal layouts. A few days ago a friend of mine mentioned that he was making a new playlist for the new year, and it inspired me to make one too lol. Happy 1000th one piece chapter


Today is the birthday of a very good friend of mine. Watched youtube and worked on the site today. Gonna cut my hair soon, then play some pokemon sword. I bought the dlc and it's super fun. I should add my nintendo switch friendcode somewhere on the site lol. I'll get to it... someday...


Happy New Year! New journal page layout for the new year ^__^ I hope this year is good to everyone. I have lots of goals, but they're all pretty attainable I think lol. The first song I listened to this year: FMA opening Undo by Cool Joke.

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