Mudkip. I've always loved this pokemon, although I can't say the "I Herd U Liek Mudkips" of the internet didn't influence that. Everytime I accidentally type "liek"... Anyways, Mudkip, which I always choose when I get the chance and name them all "TACO TRUCK", is a great Pokemon. It's design, based off the equally cute real life axolotl, taught me what axolotls are, I'm not sure what my thoughts on axolotls would be without the influence of mudkip. Aside from choosing Mudkip as a starter, or being gifted it by other professors or trainers in other games, I also enjoyed Mudkip as a partner in crime in my playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team for the gameboy advance. I played as pikachu in that game, as I answered the personality quiz honestly, and I think mudkip was also chosen as that quiz result? I can't remember, but I do know the newer mystery dungeon games, and the remake of red and blue rescue team, too, for that matter, handle that differently and allow you to choose whatever. So, the pixel mudkip shown above this paragraph is important to me, as I see it a lot while playing that game. I named the Mudkip after my friend, who gifted me the game years and years ago.

The meme

I brought it up, so I might as well talk about it. This was definitely one of the first memes I was familiar with and participated in, I guess. It was just the phrase "I herd U liek Mudkips" or some variation on it, and just mudkips being associated with that meme. There's an entire history on know your meme, if you want to know specifics about the phenomenon, it was a pretty big thing, so I'm sure they've got lots of info on it. While I don't know the exact images I saw back in the day, my favourite I herd you liek mudkips memes if you will, I do have some images to show to you now. Hover over images on this page for my thoughts on the images. **please take a look**

Thanks for visiting this page I dedicated to mudkip, instead of doing all the important tasks I must get done). Before you go, I'd like to show off a mudkip plush I was delighted to get recently. I got him from a garage sale down my street, which was a real shocking find. I love it. Put it through the wash and the pokemon center tag fell off hahah oh well... I'm happy to finally have something mudkip of my own, as I really do love mudkip.

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