Fuck this guy.

At first, you watch the show and you’re on the side of Julian, persay, and you’re thinking yeah julian’s a cool dude, just a solid guy and I’m really enjoying this show Julian is so right, ricky is so dumb hahaha. As the show goes on, and your seasons and seasons in, you begin to witness Julian taking advantage of Ricky and using his stupidness against him. Julian really just begins to use Ricky, while still saying that Ricky is an awful person and dumbass. Yeah, Julian? At least Ricky isn’t financially abusing you like you do to him *anger emoji*. This sounds jokeful, but I really did grow a distaste for even seeing Julian on screen by the end of the show, also what the fuck is up in the later seasons? Why do they such dogshit? Anyways, I love the trailer park boys, and I once thought Julian was a cool guy, but don’t be so deceived as I once was. Rickyisms all the way.