My history on the web with tamagotchi sites and fanpages dates back to the ye olde days of 2008. I was obssessed with spending hours searching "tamagotchi" on google images. I came across fanpages and forum sites, later discovering more on Tama top sitesLooking at evolution charts and japanese versions of tamagotchis that never came overseas. Looking at people's personal collections and seeing their creations. This webpage is inspired by those web pages I visited, right down to the comic sans. My favourite site out of all of them was this one.There is also the site creator's German version of the site (more recently updated than the last one) that is still up.I guess I'm making this page as a legacy for my time spent on the internet just obsessing over tamagotchi. I wrote wikihow articles and fanfiction back in the day too.. although I'm not sure if any of those are up. At some point you might have seen me frequently posting in the tamatalk forums. There's a project where someone is trying to revive what is left of the tamatown sites, the sites where you could "connect" your tamagotchi connection era tamagotchis to the web and play games. I enjoyed this a lot and would try to "win" the golden tamagotchi everyday. Spending time on tamagotchi websites at such a young age was really my most formative years of internet browsing. Hours of looking at images and reading blurbs about tamagotchis. Visiting both official and fansites, it was a lot of exposure to many different languages as well. I enjoyed visiting websites in different languages from that moment forward. Also in general, tamagotchis have been one of my huge interests for my entire life. Lots of memories connecting tamagotchis with friends, later I would watch the 2010(I think) anime. I've been totally hooked, maybe I am a tamagotchi expert, maybe I do have a PhD in tamagotchi. Anyways, here I'll probably provide info about tamagotchis, my favourites, and pictures of my collection. Basically, this is the height of my nostalgic webpages.

My collection

Previous collection pics:

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Not pictured: stickers, and probably other stuff I forgot about. Also I didn't include other vpets

Tamagotchi Links

TamaTalk - One of my favourite online forums, dedicated to tamagotchi. Lot's of helpful information can be found on here.
Tamagotchi Topsites - Archived site, fansite ranking
Tamagotchi.de - Tamagotchi fansite in German
tamagotchifan.com - Made by the same person above, archived copy, English fansite. information for 90s tamas.
TamaConnection - A fansite
tamagotchi land! - a fansite
Tamagotchi fan comic - a tamagotchi fan comic
Tamagotchi Archive - an archive of tamagotchi manga and anime
Tamagolfi - a fan-made tamagotchi golf game

Tama-Palace - A great news source.
Mimitchi's Tamagotchi Planet - Great source of information
TamaShell - Resource for finding and identifying tamagotchi shell designs