This page is going to be the start of me featuring short anime reviews on this site, specifically, this page focuses on anime with episode runtimes of less than 10 minutes an episode. Click one of the drop down reviews and start reading!

Oruchuban Ebichu

*Before I'd begin I'd like to state that the following description + contents of the show may be objectionable to some individuals. Discretion is advised.

Episodes: 24
Episode Runtime: 8 mins.

Oruchuban Ebichu follows the story of a house-cleaning hamster who lives with her owner, who struggles through he life as an office worker and dealing with her tumultuous love life with her dirtbag boyfriend, Kaishounashi. The show deals with adult humour, often sexual themes, detailing the sex-life of Ebichu's owner. Ebichu is adorable and a lovable character, and I one day wish to name a hamster after her... that and hamtaro... oh a boy can dream... I've rewatched this show a few times, and it's definitely one of my favourites.

Final rating: 10/10
Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san
Episodes: 48 + 2 Specials = 50 total
Episode Runtime: 8 mins.

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san, or simply Sexy Commando, as I will be referring to it, is a great crazy comedy series following the story of Masaru, and extremely weird guy with heavy discs on his shoulders that give him mysterious powers. He forms a club on the basis of his power, the Sexy Commando, and appropriately the club has adventures just as strange as Masaru himself. I'm a big fan of this show, and it's theme song. I'm not sure if I can even explain what it is I like about it, it's just ridiculous funny and has a certain charm I can't quite pin down, definitely my kinda show.

Final rating: 10/10
Chi's Sweet Home
Episodes: 104
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.

I remember when I first watched Chi's sweet home, I was enamoured by the cuteness of Chi. The story follows the story of a kitten named Chi and her family who found her and took her in. It folows her cute daily adventures, just a cat doing cat things. A library I used to visit had the manga, so I also read a fair amount of it. I have fond memories with the manga, which is watercoloured and cute. Definitely just a cute no-stress show to pop on and watch.

Final rating: 8/10
Chi's Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi
Episodes: 104
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.
LIGHTNING ROUND (another season to a previously reviewed title)

The theme song for this show is what I think of when I think of "Chi's Sweet Home". Infinitely catchy and cute. I love this song and it holds a place in my heart, as does this season in particular, as I think I probably watched it before the first.

Final rating: 8.5/10
Morita-san wa Mukuchi
Episodes: 26 + 2 specials (13 episodes first part, 13 the second)
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.

I've included both the first and second seasons in this review, hope you don't mind^^. Morita-san wa mukuchi follows the story of Morita Mayu, a quiet highschooler who is often misunderstood and put in awkward situations as a result of her being quiet and listless. The show is cute and the jokes are often funny. It's been a really long time since I've seen this, if I'm being honest, so I don't remember much besides characters & premise, but really that's all I need to understand a slice of life. The show is fun and follows daily highschool life of Morita and her friends.

Final Rating: 7/10
Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Episodes: 52
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.

Marukaite poyo PYA! Poyopoyo is a cute show about a very round cat named Poyo, who is found by Moe Satou, while drunk, who uses Poyo as a pillow on her way home. The show tells the story of his life with his new family and his round cat adventures. With a cute style, funny jokes, and a cute catchy theme song, this show sure does hold a place in my heart. It is one of my younger sister's favourite anime. I love this show it is very cute yes :thumbs up:


As this show is one of her favourites, I thought I get her expert opinion on it for you all to get a better opinion :thumbs up:
ME: I'm doing a review for poyo poyo for my site and uhh-
MY SISTER: OH... *eyes light up like I've never seen before (wtf)*
ME: So I thought I'd get your expert opinion and your thoughts, is there anything you'd like to say?
MY SISTER: He's round.... and beautiful... and round... and loving and.......... and cute
ME: *walking back down the stairs* thank you for your thoughts
I hope you enjoyed that special interview I prepared


For those who are familiar with Aliexpress, and those who are not, it is an online shopping site that hosts chinese sellers and often sells wholesale goods. One of these listings is a knock-off keychain of our friend Poyo, who, in knock-off tradition, comes in many colours + his original. I found a very funny review for the product, please take a look.

I thought this view was incredibly helpful! and super funny. The exacto knife in the background feels menacing to the poyo's existence. Anyways, if you for some reason need the listing, feel free to contact me... somehow... I'll work on a site email soon, but for now, you can use my SNS profiles, if it isn't too much of a hassle.

Final Rating: 9/10
My Sister's Final Rating: 16/10
Pui Pui Molcar
Episodes: 12
Episode Runtime: 2 mins.

Pui Pui Molcar is a fun show about guinea pigs who are cars, done with cute needle felted "molcars", of which they sell diy kits, so you can make your very own molcars! The show has very simple yet some what bizzare stories each episode and provides ample entertainment. The molcars make this strange noise, and the show has a great soundtrack. If you wanna watch something very short and cute, yet still entertaining, I would recommend pui pui molcar. Definitely more of a kids show, but still fun.

Final Rating: 8/10
Episodes: 12
Episode Runtime: 4 mins.

This is another show that I watched years ago, so take this review with a grain of salt. This show is very cute and fun. The show is slice of life starring the three main characters, highschool girls who are just simply living life. Fun relaxing show.

Final Rating: 5/10
Makura no Danshi
Episodes: 12
Episode Runtime: 4 mins.

Makura no danshi, or Pillow boys, was widely regarded as weird at the time of it's release, despite this, I did watch it when it was airing. The show is basically sleepy-time ASMR before sleepy-time ASMR, but with anime bishounen whispering sweetly in your ear, but with animation! Of course, many audio drama CDs exist like this for existing anime characters, but this show's entire premise is just sleep with these cute anime boys ^_^ which is... Idk I love it I love the wacky concept good for them for making this. It loses it's charm after the first episode once you figure it out, but that may just because I'm not thaattt into anime pretty boys

Final Rating: 3/10
Miss Monochrome: The Animation
Episodes: 39 (3 seasons, + various special episodes)
Episode Runtime: 4 mins.

Miss Monochrome is a show about an aspiring idol forging her way in the idol industry, also she's an android. This cute show is very fun, and I remember some of the songs being pretty good. Although it has been YEARS since I've seen this, I am still able to feel it's light-hearted impression. Also, I believe Wooser, a character from another short-runtime anime, cameos often in this.

Final Rating: 5/10
Yama No Susume
Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA (First season)
Episode Runtime: 3 mins. (OVA: 5 mins.)

Due to the popularity of this show back when it first came out, I was under the false impression that this moe show was a regular runtime length, also I thought they had some kind of official collab with Nature Valley, due to memes. Note: I only watched the first seasonm Yama no Susume is a show where anime girls climb mountains. While the characters seem to fit the usual 2010's moe anime formula, there is a bit more to the show than that. The show tends to focus on the human connections between characters, their completion of new challenges, and their courage to try new things. The show inspired it's fans, all over the world, to start mountain climbing! Which is very cool I think haha, lots of people going to mountains to bring their anime figure upon, I wish I had that experience, but I always forget mine at home. Of course, this is usually a good impact, except for the case where one individual had a campfire that went out of control and ended up burning down quite a lot of forest (can't find the articles on this, but dude trust me (or search it up)). Overall, a very cute show. I especially loved the view on challenges and making new friends and having fun experiences.

Final Rating: 7/10
Litchi DE Hikari Club
Episodes: 8
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.

Warning: source material includes incredibly graphic content, discretion is advised. Also this anime is probably mature too, so viewer discretion is advised. After reading (link articles about manga) the source material, and wishing I hadn’t wasted away my afternoon, I’m curious to see what this short anime has in store, so let’s dive into it

This is nothing like the manga, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t necessarily make the show any better. It’s one of those soulless 3 minute runtime anime. They used the original source for marketing purposes, nothing more. It's fascinating how much this deviates, not even on par with the humour in the humourous 4koma included in the original source, just the characters and plot as puppets to whoever made this.

Final Rating: 1/10
Hime Gal♥Paradise
This is the only moment the show focuses on Mikami's gender, in staunch opposition to the English information online about this show.
Episodes: 9
Episode Runtime: 11 mins.

Hime Gal Paradise follows the story of Himeko, a wannabe gyaru highschool student who lacks self-confidence. She meets Mikami Tochiotome, a boy clad in hime-gyaru attire, who radiates professional gyaru fashion blogger energy. The series follows Himeko in distress, attempting to do daily tasks, Mikami Tochiotome finding a solution, and Himeko going “Wow! I wish I could be like that, then (I forgot his name) will like me! The show is filled with gyaru goodness, gyaru-speak, gyaru-moji, discussions on fashion, etc. This world is filled with gyaru. Additionally, in shoujo fashion, her love interest has relatives in France.

There is a shocking lack of information about this series online, and if there is information online, in English, it seems partially incorrect, so incorrect I find myself questioning if I even watched the same show as them, or if they only watched episode one (which is subbed) and based their summaries on that (likely). The series is unsubbed, but at the moment I do not have the energy to, personally, sub it myself, but if anyone finds this page in their search about the series, I would be happy to help you figure it out. Contact me either at my twitter or email.

Final Rating: 7/10
I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying
Episodes: 26 (two seasons).
Episode Runtime: 3 mins.

This show ran so tonikaku kawaii could walk. Although it’s been quite some time since I’ve watched this, I remember their house so fondly, which I think is where most of the shenanigans go down. The story of an otaku shut-in blogger and his office worker wife. It follows their daily married life and Kaoru’s (the wife’s) “struggle” with her husband’s otaku tendencies. For those who are a fan of otaku themes in anime, this is definitely a good one, and chalked full of references and “cameos”. The characters are very lovable and the show is just as cozy as it’s ending theme. Ah, I hope I get married someday.

Final Rating: 10/10
An image of the personification of England, drunk
Episodes: 147 + 17 OVAs + 1 movie
Episode runtime: 5 mins (OVAs various, movie 1 hr. 20 min.)

An anime? The episodes are five minutes long? Enter hetalia, the anime about countries personified as pretty anime boys and girls. At the time of it’s anime release, there’s no way I could possibly explain the level of popularity it garnered and its impact on twelve year olds worldwide. Seriously though, you had to be there. The entire premise of the show is so fascinating to me and endlessly comical. Italy is a cute anime boy who likes to surrender. What the hell, I just figured out the innuendo years later. The characters are personifications of the countries of our world, based on stereotypes and sometimes geographical traits (Russia is big). The characters’ relationships play out how you’d expect geopolitical scenarios between these countries would, and often alludes to previous historical conflicts. The first series, axis powers, establishes Germany, Japan, and Italy as our main characters, taking place at the time of WWII. The rest of the series has less of a designated time period than the first, but still manages to cover major historical events when it wants to. Turkey and Greece hate each other. Poland ball/country balls has nothing on this. I love the bizarreness of it. How the hell could someone come up with all of this? What were they on? Turns out the author briefly attended art school in New York, so you can imagine what he was on. The series made its humble beginnings as a webcomic, and has since been brought to the South Korean National Court, leading to its ban in the country and the absence of South Korea as a character. https://hetalia.kitawiki.net/index.php?title=Korea_controversy In fact this whole controversy scrapped any plans for hetalia to be made as an anime aired on TV, so it has all been released on the web, since its initial release. The obscure history facts in the series scare me. How does this guy know so much about everything in the world? It’s impressive, but also scary.

I got a bit obsessed with this series last year, I guess it was my way of coping haha. I was shocked to find that it had so much content, compared to when I first watched it, which was probably around the time it had only one or two seasons out. The series has, of course, drama cds, but it also has ENDLESS character songs. This might be the anime with the most character songs, let me know if you know any other contenders for that title. The series also has a few musicals,which feature the voice actors, their commitment is impressive. The series also has a manga (original source) based of the webcomics, and continues to be published today, currently through shonen jump. It has some games as well. Watching it as a kid, I was bored by it and did not know anything about history, infact, I learned about Prussia from hetalia before I encountered it in my school textbooks, or anywhere else for that matter. Now that I am an adult who knows way more about history than I did back then, I think the jokes no longer fly over my head.

The series’ strength is in its characters, which makes sense for a show with the premise of personified countries. America is so American. There are numerous very American American anime characters, but none take the cake in portraying America this well except for America himself. It’s really fun when France and England are at times portrayed as bickering old couple. The show is a stellar comedy, everything aside (it’s notorious fanbase), and genuinely a source of enjoyment of the highest degree. I could probably talk about this show and its many aspects for ages, and there’s a lot to it now, with it’s staggering episode count, that is still growing. Perhaps I'll go into the seasons and more content more in-depth in the future. If you need a laugh and to see anime boy Poland dressed in girl clothes, this is the show for you.

Final Rating: 10/10