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Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora is a character who has (spoiler) has a short role in the series, much to the viewers and the creator's dismay (The two say they were sad to see her go because she was cool... yet it was y'all who did this to her..). An ex-FBI member acredited to working on the Los Angeles B.B. Murder Cases, explored in the novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by NISIOISIN, known for being the author of the Monogatari series. A great read if you like Death Note.

Cool art feature in the inside of the novel

When Naomi isn't being a complete badass by using her excellent deductive skills and almost finishing the series and catching Light in less than ten episodes, she's sitting a home assuming the position of house-wife to Raye Penber, a guy who thinks that she's the one who has to watch herself and stay safe by no longer working in the FBI. Not the best husband in my opinion. Naomi Misora, after the death of her Fiance, who died looking for Kira, decides she has a theory, and takes herself to the police department to try and help aid the investigation. Unfotunately for her, she comes across Light Yagami.