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Light Yagami, everyone's favourite protagonist with a god complex. Light Yagami is your typical academic prodigy (top scores in japan!!1!) with an interesting sense of justice. He comes across the death note, and like many people goes "hey maybe I'll just test it out" until he immediately decides to use it for the grandiose purpose of ridding the world of people which he finds evil, and creating a perfect new world where he's the god who presides over it. ... Chuunibyou... Light Yagami is charismatic and uses this to his advantage, manipulating people to get what he wants. He's very serious at time and because of this he often takes jokes way too seriously, providing comedic effect in the anime and manga alike.

He has a rather interesting view on justice, women, and where to hide his porn mag stash. I mean what if Sayu wanted to read an encyclopedia while her older brother did her calculus homework? Bad hiding spot smh. This guy starts out as your average highschool, genius, prodigy child and then suddenly ends up becoming a serial killer. I mean this guy had the perfect set up to become a harem protagonist, but he was too smart for that role. Light and Friends
I mean look, the two friends after school waiting for him? What is this? Highschool DxD? Working on adding a poll so we can find out who likes kira and who doesn't, look forward to it.