A food log included in Death Note Volume 13, under the "Ryuk's Observation Log" section. I'd recommend the book if you're a fan of Death Note. Contains Spoilers

Date Food Way of Eating
12/31/2003 Coffee Put in dozens of sugar cubes and drained the cup
01/12/2004 Chocolate Peeled off the wrapper, melted it inside mouth
01/12/2004 Coffee Waited a while after stirring in sugar, then drank it cold
04/07/2004 Coffee Didn't drink it, gave to assistant
04/18/2004 Cake Ate half of it, was distracted by the Second Kira's tape, and forgot about it
04/18/2004 Black tea Drank at same time as eating cake, let it go cold before drinking
04/23/2004 Cake Ate until satisfied, ate the strawberry last
04/23/2004 Black Tea Drank it after eating the strawberry from the cake
05/12/2004 Chocolate Ate it quickly without letting it melt in mouth
05/12/2004 Coffee Drank it while eyeing the abandoned cake on the table
05/27/2004 Donut Ate it normally
05/27/2004 Coffee Added three cubes of sugar and drained it
05/28/2004 Coffee Drank it while hot
05/28/2004 Black tea Tea went cold, so gave it to Watari
05/31/2004 Black tea Drank it while eating a fruit sandwich
06/01/2004 Hors d'oeuvre Ignored
06/01/2004 Champagne Ignored it
06/01/2004 Black Tea Drank it normally
06/01/2004 Ham on melon Avoided the slices of ham on top and ate only the melon
07/20/2004 Jelly Ate it right away when he entered the room
07/23/2004 Coffee Downed it while watching Light, Soichiro and Misa
08/02/2004 Cake After eating his own piece, ate Misa's too
08/02/2004 Black tea Downed it along with the cake he stole from Misa
10/02/2004 Cherry Tied the stem in a knot with his tongue and then ate the whole thing
10/02/2004 Black tea Drank every last drop after it went cold
10/08/2004 Cake Ate it normally
10/08/2004 Tea Drank it with no incidents
10/09/2004 Ohagi Ate it with the paper wrapping but spat paper out afterward
10/09/2004 Black tea Downed it after his ohagi
10/15/2004 Anmitsu Ate even the syrup.
10/15/2004 Black Tea Drank it in one gulp while Light was on the phone with Namikawa
10/15/2004 Coffee Put tons of sugar in it and drank it before sugar completely dissolved
10/24/2004 Coffee Drank it exceedingly normally
10/25/2004 Bean Jelly Played around by stacking sugar cubes on it before eating
10/25/2004 Black Tea Tossed in five cubes of sugar and then drank it
10/25/2004 Sugar Cubes Stuffed a bunch in his mouth and sucked on them
10/28/2004 Coffee Drank it without a hitch
10/28/2004 Banana Peeled it and ate it normally
10/28/2004 Coffee Put it in a waterbottle and drank it outdoors
10/29/2004 Coffee After it went cold put a ton of milk in it and drank it
11/04/2004 Ice cream Ate it in minutes
11/04/2004 Coffee Gulped it down after eating ice cream
11/04/2004 Pudding a la mode Ate the cherry last
11/04/2004 Coffee Had another cup after the first
11/05/2004 Chocolate Snack Mashed it with his fingers and nibbled on the edges but was unable to finish it due to his death
10/25/2004 Coffee Only had a couple sips but had to leave the rest due to death