Threads, Internet Monopoly, and What I Feared

So, my article, The Internet is On Fire, quickly aged like milk, especially in the line “Find a way to interface with the net in a way that works for you, not the way that was prescribed to you by the big corporations”, it seems the masses didn’t listen (how could they, no one read the article yet!!), oh well.
Those behind Facebook/Meta/Instagram have launched a new app, not yet available as a website, called threads, a bootleg version of the twitter we know and love, with a bit of instagram flare. The platform links your threads account to your instagram/facebook account, say goodbye to privacy, along with the ample data the app collects about it’s users. Instead of being skeptical and reluctant to join, like many were when going to new platforms, whether it be mastodon, bluesky, etc., people joined instantly and couldn’t wait until it showed up in their mobile app storefronts. Will the corporate social media monopoly that is facebook/meta win this current social media battle?
As of today, some more developments have occurred. As predicted, threads is trying to join the fediverse (community of decentralised social networks), much to the dismay of mastodon instance owners, frantically trying to block the possible interaction and integration of the threads community, fearing it’s LARGE, unmoderated, potentially nazi-filled, userbase will upset the communities they’ve curated on their instance, destroying all that has been accomplished with mastodon, thus far.
Twitter has launched a lawsuit against threads, good luck, but it will certainly be an interesting case, as far as internet copyright goes. I wonder which will come first, the trial, or the boxing match between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg (That both have agreed to partake in)?
I’m writing about this new breaking news topic, because it goes against what I wanted. If we are to replace twitter let’s actually replace it, and build anew, not just move to instagram’s latest stolen idea love child, amongst all of it’s other features of stolen origin (stories (snapchat), reels (tiktok), etc.). I might make a threads account once I can do it on the computer, and not download the app. I’m unsure if I’ll use it or not. For now, catch me on mastodon @

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