Seasonal Anime Reviews: Summer 2023

I'm not sure what to comment about this season, I totally forgot I have this small blurb here, anyways, reviews:

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Yohane eating

A Love Live School Idol Festival spinoff series, featuring the aqours characters, playing some sort of alternate universe versions of themselves, a fantasy world, slice of life, love live rune factory. Yohane takes the role of our main character, who is not a chuunibyou in this world, but an actual magic user, who comes crawling back to her hometown after unsuccesses as a singer in the big city. A humbling experience, INCREDIBLY parallel to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (Brony era of the internet, anyone?). Twil- Yohane learns that friendship is magic, while realizing that she’s not better than anyone else, again, this show is INCREDIBLY reminiscent of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It was fun to see the Love Live characters again, I’m still reeling over the app closure. I saw Ruby’s voice actor, during the time this show was airing, so that was pretty neat and notable.

Horimiya: Piece

Horimiya: Piece

horimiya piece

A shoujo romance where the tension of getting into the relationship has passed, and we get to see the everyday dynamics of that solid relationship as it continues steady, similar to KareKano, in that regard. Horimiya season 2 gives us a fun slice of life romp, nothing too intense happens, but as a slice of life fan, I cannot complain, though I could see how this season might have been lacking for those who wanted more than just slice of life.

Okashi Na Tensei

Okashi na Tensei

Candy apple

There is FAR too much isekai anime these days, a problem that I need not get into, it has been commented on enough, despite this, I decided I would watch this show, enjoying the idea of a pastry chef isekai anime. There are numerous pastry-themed anime, more than you would think, and quite a lot of manga as well, and this show adds a new one to the barrel. While I was initially thrilled by the idea of a pastry chef isekai, I was quickly disappointed by the show’s focus on the political conflicts in this unoriginal, borderline, unloveable, generic isekai world. I hope, if the show continues, that we get to see more pastry baking, and less little kid warlord.

Rent a Girlfriend season 3

Rent a girlfriend season 3

rent a gf

Rent a girlfriend continues on for its third season, showing the production of Chizuru’s debut film, viewers get to witness emotional drama to the max, I cried many times during this season. The new girl, I cannot remember her name, was actually a delight to me, she was tolerable, so I did not mind the addition of yet another girl for Kazuya to be annoyed by. All in all, a solid season, hyper-focussed on the production of Chizuru’s film.



Tenpuru karaoke

Feeling “worldly desires”? Quit everything, go to the temple, become a monk, you will be safe from desires there. Inside the temple lies beautiful beautiful girls who you will end up getting into “Harem anime Hijinks” with, y’know, accidentally seeing them naked, accidentally touching them, confusing intentions in conversations, yadda yadda, the whole shebang. While this concept is perhaps more simple than LINK last month’s harem, I enjoyed this show immensely. The main character was fun, and everything was entertaining. Enjoyable ecchi comedy, what more could you want from this kind of show?

JJK Season 2

JJK Season 2


I forgot about this. Uh. It’s still airing, I think? I am quite critical of Jujutsu Kaisen, I don’t enjoy it.

FINAL RATING: I forgot about it/10